Monday, February 1, 2010

High Speed Vehicle Police Pursuits, Public Safety and the Use of Excessive Police Force

February 1st, 2010

In response to never-ending incidents of high-speed vehicle police pursuits that provide a generous supply of entertaining television broadcasts for the local Los Angeles television news shows, I would like to suggest or request the following for the local police regarding the handling of these incidents. As one that believes high-speed police pursuits on any city streets are to be avoided and who also believes that excessive police force is an abomination to our society, in the case of high-speed police pursuits wherein the fleeing scofflaw endangers the lives and well-being of untold numbers of other innocent citizens/civilians, I would suggest an exemption to these normal rules and request that the apprehending police officer ‘knock’ some sense into the idiot scofflaw driver that is the subject of the pursuit. I would go even further to suggest that the police ‘pound’ on the lawless jerk with the television cameras watching for all to see. I don’t really care if the loser driver is trying to avoid arrest. But when the scofflaw driver cares nothing about the safety of the rest of us and endangers multitudes of innocent lives by traveling at extremely excessive speeds, travels the wrong direction on streets also at excessive speeds, and even drives on sidewalks at high speeds, then that self-centered and ignorant jerk seems to need some sense beat into him/her. Also, please ensure that the scofflaw gets none of our tax dollars when he sues for having gotten what he had coming to him as a result of his self-centered and dangerous actions.


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