Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The U.S. Government Does ‘Nothing’ Better than Anyone Else.

June 9th, 2010

Of course, if one reads any of my several blogs, we would know that the US Federal government, in particular, appears to know how to do nearly nothing. What’s more, nothing is what it prefers to do. The typical government employee mindset appears as ‘do nothing, do nothing wrong.’ And, maybe such is best, because in keeping with their dysfunctional mindsets, if they were to do anything, they would likely do it wrong and make the matter worse.

Furthermore, at times, it would seem that our government looks to make the worst outcome from much of its actions or inaction. Like…, they must tell themselves…., how can we make this matter the worst it can possibly become?

As an example, one only needs to look at the recent oil spill / well leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. What does the Federal government appear to be doing about this disaster? Nothing, that’s what! Our U.S. Federal government appears to be leaving the matter in the hands of British Petroleum. But then again, nothing, is what the Federal government does best about anything, as I mentioned above. And long ago, the U.S. Federal government lost its ability to do anything. Choosing instead to give any amount of work to contractors while maintaining the government’s bloated rolls, nevertheless. Obviously, BP is essentially drowning in its own oil, at this point. They need some amount of help from someone that is not afraid to help. (I would be willing to help, btw.)

In the end, the modern US Federal government typically appears to do nothing about anything that would benefit the populace. Now-a-days, we have a government that knows nothing but to pass the matter to private contractors who ultimately care only about profits, anyhow. And trust me, I know this synopsis to be so from first hand knowledge of how the bureaucracy of the US Federal government system operates.


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