Friday, September 24, 2010

Big-Time ‘Criminal’ Lindsay Lohan to Go To Jail Again!!!! I Say: Let the Judge Pay The Costs of Incarcerating this Victimless Criminal!!

September 24th, 2010

Just about thirty minutes prior to the posting of this blog, a Los Angeles County Court Judge has remanded the big-time ‘criminal’ Lindsay Lohan into custody for failing a probation-mandated drug screening as ordered by the Court. Her probation was part of her previous Driving While Intoxicated arrest (DWI/DUI).

What is the matter with these idiots in the Court system? I mean…., the governments of our land have no money, anyhow. The jails are so over-crowded there is no room to house the real criminals, as the situation is currently. And, furthermore, the taxpayers pay for anyone that is incarcerated – which, apparently, has little bearing on any activities of our tax-supported officials, obviously.

Of course, Ms. Lohan has to obey the law and Court orders just as the rest of us. However, Ms. Lohan has hurt no one else with her self-destructive alcohol and drug experimentation. As such, she has committed no crime – regardless of what any prohibitionist will tell you. She is barely old enough to legally drink, anyhow. And, Americans as a society and a culture love to imbibe, so should this childhood star be any different? Is she being sent to jail because of her stardom or for violating the misdemeanor-related Court order?

But I suggest that if the Court system of Los Angeles County desires to send this hardened ‘criminal,’ Ms. Lohan, to jail…: LET THEM PAY FOR THE COST OF INCARCERATION OF MS. LOHAN OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS!!!! THE TAX-PAYERS BENEFIT NOTHING FROM SENDING THIS VICTIMLESS CRIMINAL TO JAIL!!!!

Adam Trotter / AVT

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