Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Season 10, American Idol: I’m ‘Idoling,’ But… (And Other Idol Info.)

April 6th, 2011

I’ve been enjoying the latest season of “American Idol” - the reality television show and singing contest (now in its tenth season). I have also enjoyed the new line-up of celebrity judges this year as well.

So…, I’ve been idoling again this season. But, ya’ know wha’….? The show kind’a seems to need a brash ‘Simon Cowell’ type of judge, in my humble opinion.

Not that praise for the current contestants is necessarily not warranted, but the Season 10 celebrity judges (Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson) seemingly have been too nice and lavishing too much adoration on the contestants - again, in my opinion. Besides, the presence of a cranky and condescending Simon–Cowell–type of judge was probably better for the ultimate success of the contestants as his criticism managed to better keep the likely star-struck contestants grounded in the real world (so to speak). Furthermore, a never-happy type of judge adds the additional zest of more drama to the show as the audience always waits to hear what the cranky judge has to say about the contestant’s performances. :)


PS. As a side note concerning the American Idol Show, I thought I had heard that the contestants had moved out of the Idol Mansion/residence as a result of unearthly and haunting spirits in the house. Now it appears that maybe what I heard had some validity to it:
'Ghost' Investigators -- Cast Away from 'Idol' Mansion

For additional Idol ‘dirt,’ see:

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