Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Racism at Good Day L.A. v. Racism at Chick-fil-A

December 13th, 2011

GoodDay LA,
Hello. I write to point out a bit of irony on your show. Not that I am defending anyone, mind you, but regarding Jillian’s comment this morning about how racists are seemingly being continually exposed in the modern work place: Surely when one reaches the high powered position of ‘Order Taker’ at the Chick fil-A fast-food counter, society should not stand for any such powerful individuals displaying any politically incorrect viewpoints or inappropriate jokes, no doubt! Yet it is apparently perfectly acceptable for one such as Jillian (a white female) to announce to the world on your television show of how she would openly refuse to date any ‘white men’ or ‘white guys’ merely because they are white – as she has repeatedly stated over the last several years on your show. As I have contacted your show on a matter such as this previously, I suppose the lesson to be learned from your show is that the inappropriateness of any racism is merely dependent on the nexus between the source and the target of any expressed racist viewpoints. Nevertheless, I agree, it is interesting how racists are continually being exposed in the modern workplaces across our nation. Thank you for your time.


Chick-fil-A: Employee mocking Asians no reflection on company.

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