Monday, April 27, 2015

Intolerance on "Good Day LA"

April 27th, 2015

(Today I submitted the following to KTTV/Good Day LA’s website at:
I also emailed it to them.)

"Good Day LA at 7 AM," KTTV, 

Upon hearing your show’s personnel speaking today (a few minutes before 8AM) on the subject of the Diane Sawyer interview with the ‘transgendered’ Bruce Jenner – which aired this past Friday, a few of your staff expressed their shock with Mr./Ms  Jenner’s stated political affiliation with the Republican political party. I must admit that it came as quite a pleasant surprise to hear your host Steve Edwards then counter and admit that there exists a ‘libertarian branch’ of the Republican political party.  Of course, it then came as no surprise that the comment which immediately followed Mr. Edwards’ statement expressed the typical intolerance towards any member of the Republican political party.  Nevertheless, to hear a Los Angeles news reporter (Mr. Edwards) potentially admit that not all Republicans are intolerant and also potentially admit that many Republicans may not even care what others do with their lives and their time here on earth was somewhat unique and refreshing, I must admit.  However, it was also no surprise that Mr. Edward’s point was quickly followed with the voiced sentiment from another of your on-air staff that maybe Mr./Ms. Jenner may soon ‘transition’ from his preferred ‘condition’ of being a Republican as well – implying that such a ‘condition’ of being a Republican was also an unnatural and undesirable condition for Mr./Ms. Jenner. 

While I commend your Mr. Edwards for apparently being the first-ever member of the press in California to mention that many Republicans are in fact libertarians, the intolerant statements towards Republicans from your other news personnel seem to be in keeping with the current political climate and witch-hunt whereby all California Republicans are essentially being run-out of the state to be replaced by the onslaught of would-be socialists and communists from south of the border – thereby possibly ensuring that California remain a tax-loving ‘blue state’ and potentially so for generations to come.  Returning to my main point, such an intolerant statement towards Republicans in general from news media personnel in California should come as no surprise (such as the follow-on statements by your personnel this morning), because nearly anyone who can think for themselves is aware that it seems all news media outlets in California nearly always denigrate others for being a member of the Republican party – even if the Republican happens to be a libertarian, as are most all of the Republicans who I have known. 

To repeat, despite Mr. Edwards’ insightful and unusual yet truthful comments on the existence of libertarian Republicans, it seems your station or morning show nevertheless continues to promulgate intolerance towards Republicans even if those targeted by your intolerance are libertarian Republicans.  Such intolerance towards Republicans in general, of course, seems the norm for many socialist-leaning Californians and nearly all news media outlets in the state as well. 

What’s more, despite the unique insight of your Mr. Edwards, the immediate follow-on comments of intolerance towards Republicans from others of your staff make me think that I should be tuning to other local morning news shows such as KTLA 5 or morning news shows from other news networks – which may please those intolerant ones of your staff in the end, of course.  Regardless, any reply or comments to the issues herein are welcome.

Adam Trotter

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