Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No Other AVT777!

April 8th, 2015

No other “AVT777” on any website anywhere else is me.  This is the only “AVT777” username that I use on any website or blog.  I think it’s odd that whenever I should develop an internet alias or username of any sort, that same ‘user name’ is then mirrored on other potentially less-than-reputable websites and/or originating from potentially less-than-forthright-type locales elsewhere in the world – or so it often seems.  It is somewhat too coincidental, for my likings – as a matter of fact.  Not that I really care nor do I have any trademark on any alpha-numeric characters, of course.  I am merely looking to be clear on the matter with this blog entry, for whatever it’s worth.  Nevertheless, typically whenever I comment on the world-wide-web/internet…, I use my given name.  I have just always kept this username and blog for whatever the reason.   :)

AVT/AVT777    :)

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