Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Pit-Bull Dog Mauls Face of Four Year Old Child – Pomona, California

March 2nd, 2010

As reported tonight on KCAL 9, an unlicensed, unvaccinated family pit-bull dog mauled the family’s four year old daughter today in Pamona. It is assumed that the child may have surprised and disturbed the dog while it was sleeping. This type of thing happens repeatedly with this type of dog, apparently.

How long is society going to allow children to defenselessly cohabitate with this type of animal? Obviously the adults in these types of houses rarely seem to be aware of any potential danger of having a dim-witted, potentially violent dog in such close proximity of children. Personally, I believe that dogs reflect the temperament and mental capacity of the dog’s owner. However, defenseless children have no say in the matter of the family dog or the ignorance of any adults in the house. Regarding this particular incident, the authorities are reportedly awaiting the family’s decision as to whether the family wants the dog returned. I mean…., say what…?

I pass along my sympathies and well wishes for a speedy recovery for the child.

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