Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Should We Execute Violent Sex Offenders Regardless of the Degree of Murder? Body of Missing Female High School Student is Recovered

Revised March 3rd, 2010

The missing young woman, Chelsea King, from Poway High School had been missing for the majority of the last week. Last night it was been widely reported that a body was found in a nearby waterway where she was last known to have gone jogging. The body is apparently that of Chelsea King - another senseless tragedy and victim of our times. May she rest in peace.

A suspect has been arrested who is no stranger to the authorities in this arena. Let’s hope the authorities have arrested the correct creep who would commit such a senseless and heinous crime so that we may spare other families and innocent victims of our nation from any similarly horrific fate.

But…, let’s face it, if the existing legal system and power structure can not put an end to this type of hideous crime, then something needs to change! Of late, unfortunately, these types of crimes seem to be escalating and to be more frequent than years past. Maybe the time is at hand to begin to show the creeps running loose in our society the error of their ways! And, to be clear, I’m not speaking of those involved in heated, impassioned domestic squabbles either. I blog herein of creeps who randomly and haphazardly assault others for no other reason than the victim being in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the vicinity of a creep who should not be on this earth. As these creeps so often seem to be beyond rehabilitation, society apparently needs to start to take some type of drastic action to protect our women and children (and any unnamed victims) from these violent losers – such as the murderer of Chelsea King of Poway, California.

In response to this crime and many similar ones throughout our land, I blog: if the authorities can not guarantee that potentially violent sexual offenders will not be released onto the unsuspecting public at large, then maybe we should just execute any violent sexual offenders. Maybe any executions of violent sex offenders should be a public event as well. If executing such a violent sex offender is another form of murder, well…, then I would ask God to have mercy on us for our attempts to defend additional innocent victims from these predators. In general, I have always believed the wisdom of the founding fathers in that it is ‘better that a hundred guilty men go free rather than one innocent man go to the gallows.’ However, violent sex offenders seem to push this cliché and belief beyond its bounds and generalities.

PS. If the power structure as it currently exists in our nation can not help to protect the innocent of our nation, then maybe we should arm those innocents with defensive weapons in keeping with their level of ability; meaning to arm them with weapons ranging from pepper spray to stun-guns, to derringer pistols!!!

PSS. This matter has ‘rocked’ more than San Diego, btw.

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