Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

March 22nd, 2010

The time has come to stop the senseless and wanton violence that plagues our nation and purveys our society at nearly every level. I say stop it by whatever means necessary! I find violence to be sickening. However, even if it takes more violence to eliminate the violent attackers from our streets and from our midst, well..., lets do it now and get it all over with quickly!

It appears that the governments of our land are as ineffectual at stopping this violence as they are at nearly every other endeavor they pursue. Since the governments don’t seem to be interested in my common sense suggestions as to where to begin to eradicate the violence from our society (a common-sense approach that involves no weapons other than open-minds), then it appears it's time for the people to act to remove the would-be violent attackers and violent creeps ourselves.

As such, if there is only one distasteful way to stop this violence, then I say lets make a coordinated effort to rid this evil from our land. And, I say we start sooner rather than later! Again, to be sure, I detest any violence. But, just like in the days of the wild-wild-west, I say let the good people weed-out the evil ones from our lands. Furthermore, I don’t mean to sound half-crazed or out of control with these words. However, the time for action to get these violent attackers off our streets has arrived! Once and for all!

Let’s just say: gun control is not the likely answer!! Hardly! Would the Long Island Railroad shootings of a decade or two ago ever have taken place if the others on that train could have legally and adequately defended themselves? No! It would not! At least not to the level that the shootings progressed. But alas, all the victims on that train were defenseless law-abiding citizens; just as the killer anticipated.

Even college-professor creeps are killing innocent victims in university offices! How long are we to stand by and watch our fellow citizens attacked for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and within striking distance of some violent crazed creep of whom no one ever had any warning of the said creep’s violent potential???!!?? I suggest we stand idly by no longer!

Sorry if these words shock you. However, if these words shock you, maybe its time you wake up and see reality for what it has become and come down off your idealized horse. Unfortunately, violent creeps only understand one thing, such being strength to defend oneself from violent attacks. I am willing to debate anyone that wishes to debate on this subject. However, the time for talking appears to have passed. Its time for the citizenry to defend themselves!


PS. Oh yea, should I mention the one from a few days ago about the middle school girl (14 – ish) in Florida nearly being beaten to death by a violent creep young male (15 – ish) because she had replied to his text in a manner he did not appreciate? Don’t ever let that creep of a young man walk amongst the populace again! Please?

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