Friday, November 20, 2009

Routine Denial of Employment to Americans Because They Don’t Speak Spanish

November 20th, 2009

Maybe such a question is not politically correct, but, per chance do any of you lawyers or politicians out there care to help us otherwise ordinary Americans that are routinely denied employment by all types of employers because we don’t speak Spanish? Are you aware that in several regions of the nation Americans are routinely denied employment for only speaking English?

Of course, as Americans it was never historically required or envisioned that we would need to learn to speak Spanish due to an essentially open border and a never-ending flood of well-meaning immigrants from the south (regardless of the reasons for such or whether in fact the closing of the border made it so the immigrants could never return home). And of course, many employers would seem to prefer bilingual employees speak Spanish so that the business can better cater to those that don’t believe it necessary to learn to speak our language - apparently because they don’t have to learn our language.

We could be sure that if any of us were to emigrate to a nearby Spanish-speaking country, it is unlikely that any employers in that country would deny employment to the local populace and cater to us for our being unable to speak the local language – and we could be fairly sure that we could not protest such employment language requirements in their streets waving flags from our home country.

But anyway, can anyone do anything to help English speaking Americans to maintain their general employability? Can we get reimbursed for Spanish lessons as part of any economic stimulus bill? I mean, several years ago, English should have been made the official language of the United States – we can be sure that it is unlikely any official language of English will ever be designated in the United States because surely such an act now could be considered racist by those that would not like such a designation. However, is it not essentially racist to routinely deny employment to ordinary American-born individuals because they can not speak Spanish? Do the CEO’s and Board of Directors for these firms that deny employment [to English speakers] also speak Spanish?

This blog is not intended to express nor forward any ill-will, unkind thoughts, or the likes to any group [with the exception of some domestic employers, maybe]. It is not intended to be a reflection of any sentiments or affinity relevant to any Spanish-speaking peoples. Personally, I have many friends of such a heritage. Furthermore, to be clear, I find the Spanish language to be attractive and I enjoy listening when the language is spoken and even find much of the music to be pretty cool. However, this blog is merely to express my opinion that myself, and people like me, should not be denied employment in our home states and nation because we can not speak the Spanish language when such has no real bearing on any ability to perform the essential functions of the job. If communication is an issue in any domestic workplace because one can not speak Spanish, then the others should be required to speak/learn English.

This matter seems ripe for a legal challenge, possibly under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Wouldn’t you agree?

PS. Some may say that this blog is not politically correct. I would offer that such a sentiment [as this blog not being politically correct] is bordering on infringement of the Right to Freedom of Speech; because such an infringement often seems to be lurking just under the surface of any guise that claims political correctness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Open Letter: Continued Racism on Good Day LA, Fox 11 Los Angeles

November 18th, 2009

Good Day LA Television Morning News (Fox Channel 11, Los Angeles),


November 20th, 2009

Ok, well…, I’ll let that one go and chalk it up to entertainment. But…., I’m just here to say, that as a ‘white’ male I am tired of being made the brunt of racially-motivated and insensitive comments, and, because I am a ‘white’ male I am apparently supposed to take no offense at such statements. It would not be acceptable for these television personalities to make light of other racial groups, would it? Of course not. So, why as a ‘white’ male I am supposed to be accepting of racially derogatory statements that apparently are aimed at me?