Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rationing of Pseudoephedrine / Sudafed

October 22nd, 2011

As many of us are aware, the government now rations the amount of sudafed (pseudoephedrine) it allows merchant stores to purchase for sale to consumers and, of course, the government limits how much of the product citizens can purchase as well. As such, the product has doubled in price since the government became involved in its sale. The product is only very rarely, if ever, sold for any reduced or sale price (that is any price less than its now greatly inflated price). And, worse yet, those who legitimately suffer from sinusitis often can not buy sudafed at any price, as the retailers are sold out of the product as often as not. When it is available for purchase, the sinus sufferer must be entered into the state rolls of those who purchase Sudafed– so much for the myth of medical privacy.

For those who don’t know, any purchasers of the legal product of Sudafed are often treated as a potential speed freaks and criminals by retailers. The retailers, for their part, are excessively scrutinized in the sale of the legal product as well, I’m sure. One might recall within the last year or so, CVS being forced to pay the Federal government some $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars) in fines for selling too much Sudafed to its customers.

One thing that we can say with a fair amount of confidence in this matter, no doubt, is that the amount of individuals abusing amphetamines in the nation has surely not decreased regardless of all the government restrictions placed upon this product and regardless of the impositions routinely doled out to lawful citizens and merchants as well.

So, in other words, now that the governments have become involved and solidified their presence in the sale of sudafed, those that abide by the law are the only ones that are inconvenienced by the law – as is typically the case for laws that come from our inept governments across the land. For those that are too mentally deficient to understand, in general, criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why they are called criminals. What’s more, as for drug addicts, what do I really care about their behavior if they are hurting no one else? Who am I to judge and tell them how they should live their lives. I am no government which seems only to exist to tell people what they can and cant do – albeit victimless behavior or otherwise.

However, I rarely hesitate to tell our bloated and behemoth governments what they should do – as we all know. To such an end, might I suggest the governments attempt exactly the opposite of what they think they should do – if they believe themselves compelled to do anything, which is a somewhat rare situation, of course. The governments should allow as much manufacture and sale of sudafed as the marketplace wants. That way the drug addicted individuals can have their fill and there will still be some Sudafed product left on the shelves (or behind the counter as the case may now be) for those among us that might actually need the product to breathe easier.

I am confident that this matter of the rationing of sudafed will be heading to Federal court or the U.S. Supreme Court, if needed, within a few years. As a matter of fact, I am fairly sure of it.


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