Monday, May 31, 2010

Trinity Sunday, What Does It Mean?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

On Trinity Sunday, I wonder, what does ‘The Trinity’ really mean? (Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – for anyone that may not know.) With any offered answer, be careful of heresy/becoming a heretic.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Give ‘em hell girl!!! I support you!

May 25th, 2010

Hey Lindsay Lohan, give those fascists hell girl!! They have no right to tell you what you have to do about anything. You never caused anyone any damage or injury with your partying or driving have you? If not, they have no right to tell you what you can or can’t do. If no one was damaged or injured, then you have not violated any laws!! I soon plan to file suit against a state department of motor vehicles in an effort to prove this point! If you are interested, you could show some support for my planned legal undertakings to the end effect that driving should be a right, not a privilege. Call me! :)

... / AVT

PS. But button up your shirt further when sitting in front of the old, over-the-hill, supporters of fascism who sit in judgment of your preferred method and substantive right of pursuing your happiness – best to look meek and conservative in front of those old-folks who will judge whether or not you should be allowed to pursue your happiness in freedom.

LAUSD: How Many Likely Communist/Socialist Revolutionaries Are Teaching Kids In Your Schools At Tax-Payer Expense?

May 25th, 2010

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD),
I recently watched the videos of a teacher reported to be from your school district’s Santee High School, Mr. Gochez. As I’m sure you are aware, in these videos he calls for all forty million Latin-American immigrants - and descendants thereof - in the United States to rise-up and support a revolution against a system that has supported ‘capitalism and imperialism.’ In one of the videos he claims that he is not a racist and is not lodging threats against the American government. However, not only does he sound racist, he seems quite scary and his seeming indifference as to whether any impending/on-going ‘revolution’ by immigrants would be violent - or not - seems to threaten many. As the man is a self-professed socialist with obvious communistic leanings, I was just wondering, is this individual still influencing young minds at the expense of our tax-dollars in your schools? As a professed socialist with his communist leanings, is it really appropriate to be having this individual teaching world history to the youth of our nation?

LAUSD, I’m curious, do you also support his views and do you have many teachers of similar thought in your District? As this seemingly racist and potentially violent and communistic individual, Mr. Gochez, was quite proud of a former student echoing his thoughts for a Hispanic/Latino revolution in the YouTube video (though the student was not heard), and if his claims are true that no parents in his school region have complained of his views, should the rest of the nation be anticipating more potentially-violent communist revolutionaries to come from your school system? With his and his former student’s cries for a revolution, such seems to allude to some futuristic science-fiction movie whereby future civil-war conflicts will be based in your city. I mean…, if he were teaching a college course professing the blessings of Marxist Communism or hard-core socialism, well…whatever. But we are talking high school students here, right? Most of the kids in high school really know no better than what they are told. And, contrary to Mr. Gochez’s claim during the Fox News interview, he is surely influencing the young minds of his high school with his misguided views.

LAUSD, please let me know your thoughts on this matter and whether this teacher’s views are generally shared by your school system and being supported by our tax-dollars, if you would be so kind.
Thank you,

L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

Web Exclusive: Defending Revolution Against 'Racist White People', May 16th, 2010.

PS. For whatever such is worth: While I may be in agreement with your Mr. Gochez that many of the dysfunctional governments of Latin America are in desperate need of significant change, however I wonder, why doesn’t he go there to scream ‘revolution’ at those governments? Instead, he prefers to threaten the system that has provided for his right to scream for revolution here in the U.S. (or rather, here in ‘occupied Mexico,’ as he prefers to call it). Furthermore, I would tend to agree that the middle class in America has long been under attack and drastic action may yet need to be taken to address this issue. I also agree that the U.S. Government is likely in apparent desperate need for change. However, while I’m not the expert on all forms of governments, I would never agree that any hard-core socialistic or Marxist communistic government would be of benefit to anyone. To even suggest that Marxist Communism would be an improvement in the United States seems to reflect an ignorant viewpoint and the only individual that would possibly believe such ignorance would be one that was ignorant – such as an impressionable child that has never partaken in any capitalistic system. Any history that Mr. Gochez may teach to children would seem to have clearly shown that Marxist communism can not meet the needs of a large modern nation. Furthermore, while hard-core socialism may well be needed in much of Latin America to counteract the widespread corruption and extreme division of class in those regions, to suggest it is needed here in the United States seems also very misguided. As such, in my opinion, either your teacher, Mr. Gochez, is in psychological denial or he is really stupid. Therefore, I wonder about your choice of employed teachers, the motivations of your school system, and your use of our tax dollars as well.

Fox News
California Teachers Association
My blog:

99 Red Balloons / Leuf Balloons!!! Very cool remake!!

May 25th, 2010

For those of us that enjoyed this cool song of the 1980’s and enjoy hearing it on the radio – even though such a playing was/is an extremely rare occurrence, in deed - I say this remake and it's playing on the radio was/is long overdue, as was/is this blog entry. (I mean..., the remake is from about Y2K.) Hopefully, the radio stations might play it again/some more. The song is pretty cool and the remake contains both German and English (as opposed two different original versions, one in each language).

But, of course, many of the radio stations of our land often seem to have no clue concerning what people would like to hear most of the time, apparently. The stations prefer to take advantage of their limited monopolies, play whatever lame music that is cheap and they prefer to play, and only really seem to care about selling advertising time and typically seem to care nothing about the integrity of the music played on the airwaves of their radio stations. (Sorry about the rant.)


PS. Think the Feds would allow me to open a radio station that would play better music than most? :)

See it for yourself:
99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

Note: Feb. 7th, 2014.  I guess Goldfinger is big now (or bigger maybe) and with VEVO so you have to watch the video here:

Dig the original too:
99 Red Balloons - Nena

Another Note: Feb. 7th, 2014.  It is worth mentioning that the concerns relayed in the "99 Red Balloons" song were real for those of us that lived during the 1970s as well as probably any decade prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall - especially for the children who could not understand what it all meant. We were always fearful and we were told that at nearly any moment the Soviets likely were going to roll their tanks into West Germany in an effort to "communize" the West.

Also, I should mention in this after-thought, that it seems to me that commercial radio in much of the nation has improved, maybe significantly so since my original blog entry/rant above.  Sometimes I voice my assessment of the entertainment quality of regional radio in my road-trip blog; located at: