Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Thought Police Might Be on the Move.

March 23rd, 2011

As an apparent result of recent worldwide set-backs to their cause, the Thought Police again seem to be mounting an offensive. Advanced scouts are reporting significant movement in the ranks and positions of the Thought Police. However, it also is being reported by the scouts that it seems if WE can thwart any latest/upcoming offensive, that the Thought Police eventually may be required to retreat from the field of battle. They may be forced to retreat as the Thought Police appear to be running short on reinforcements, or so it is currently believed. As such, it is hereby recommended that we hold our ground, do not surrender to any onslaught by the Thought Police, and hope for the thinning of their ranks which may force them to soon retreat. Don’t forget, nearly anyone or any electronic device can be working for the cause of the Thought Police, unfortunately.

Freedom of Thought hangs in the balance.


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wild Birds of a New England Winter



Sorry Charlie, But “Shut Up” Already! Are You Acting as a Publicist too?

March 1st, 2011

Charlie Sheen,
Yes many of us can relate and I sure many of us can not relate as well, but ‘shut-up’ already!

Didn’t your mouth already get you into trouble/cause your current state of grief? And yet, you seem to think this same mouth will make it all better – and get you back your show or a contract buy-out or whatever? It doesn’t sound like it, however. From what I have heard, your mouth/interviews are only digging you a ‘deeper hole.’ So “Shut-up” already! Who is your publicist? Are you represented at all? WE are all aware the best actors play themselves. But being a publicist / P.R. person doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. If this latest matter and difficulty is truly legitimate… …You should hire me! …Really!!

At a minimum, “shut-up” already! Spare us all the grief of watching another apparent ‘crash and burn’ of one who was generally liked by society at-large, will ya?

Or has this matter also become another in a long list of publicity stunts orchestrated by the corporate television networks to publicize a television show? WE could only hope, for whatever the reason, huh?

I mean…, I can appreciate your [/Mr. Sheen’s] candor and courage to face any proverbial music in this matter. And many of us can relate to being recently divorced and the desire to ‘cut out’ and have some decadent fun. Nevertheless, if you have a statement you desired to make concerning your private/interpersonal difficulties, Charlie, put it in a press release of some sort and let it go at that. We all know, of course, that the television news has nearly nothing else to report these days which won’t merely make the entire populace turn the television channel (given the “Great Depression of the New Millennium,” and multiple wars and all). So your desire to face the public via nationally televised interviews regarding with your private difficulties is to be commended, but such is also likely to be misguided, in my opinion anyhow.

Of course we are aware that the best actors may, in fact, play themselves in any given role. However, the current matter of Charlie Sheen displays the apparent fact that the stars and starlets whom society may place on proverbial pedestals for playing fictional characters and playing roles other than themselves (in celluloid and television), these stars seem/are much better served when reading from pre-written scripts.


PS. Does anyone follow my logic here? Then again, maybe any publicity is good publicity?

Afterthought. Post ABC 20/20 Interview, “Charlie Sheen: In his Own Words.” (The blog above was written before the "20/20" show interview, only this after thought was written after the "20/20" interview - of which I only saw the last 20 minutes.)
Well, Charlie, if you can’t merely remain quiet from this point forward, might as well say what’s on your mind if you must, I suppose – should anyone still be willing to listen. The Right to freedom of expression and the Right to pursue your happiness applies to you as well. So, in any case and if you can’t hit the brakes: Give ‘em hell, Charlie; whatever it takes! :)

(I heard about the latest news too, btw. Fighting battles on three fronts is tough. It can take alot out of a person.)