Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Racial Favoritism on “American Idol,” Again?

January 28th, 2016.

Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd how some individuals of various racial groups can openly display racial favoritism for their own race/ethnicity while those same individuals would likely be appalled if other racial groups were to do the same?  Case in point: On tonight’s nationally-broadcast television show “American Idol” (Season 15, ‘Hollywood Week – Night One’ portion of the competition), a snippet-clip of a contestant’s prior audition was shown wherein that contestant qualified to continue-on to the ‘Hollywood Week’ portion of the singing competition.  The snippet showed when Judge Jennifer Lopez became aware of the fact that the contestant was a fellow Puerto Rican, she immediately let it be known (before the contestant even sang a note) that she was going to vote “yes” for the contestant to continue-on in the singing competition – or so the snippet apparently led me to surmise the situation.  So again I ask, why is it acceptable for individuals of certain groups to be openly racist, prejudicial, and discriminatory – albeit jokingly or not, when those same groups typically seem to vehemently deny other groups from doing likewise?  

Irrespective of what is right or wrong for public policy along similar lines such as workplace/workforce quota systems, matters displaying racial favoritism strike me as pure hypocrisy when displayed in such a fashion as was displayed by Ms. Lopez on tonight’s “American Idol” show.  Given such apparent and widespread occurrence throughout our society – with other people and groups openly saying and doing whatever they desire, is it still legal for one such as me merely to ask this type of question?  Or has the matter become yet another of ‘political correctness,’ which surely looks to stifle Freedom of Speech to prevent the asking of such a question as put forth herein? 


PS.  I blog that I am asking this question “again” because this type of situation has occurred on the show before.  Figuring I would just let it go, I have long since deleted any blog I may have posted about prior similar instances. I am sure I could find those previous writings again and re-post, if anyone really was to care.