Wednesday, February 5, 2014

American Idol Consulting / Hollywood Week Season XIII

February 5th, 2014

Hey Idol,

Interesting twist you put in the beginning of this Season 13 about making many of the contestants sing immediately to remain in the competition upon their arrival to SoCal.  But regarding the 30 or so contestants you immediately sent back home, couldn’t you have let them hang out for… like… the weekend before you sent them back home?  Or…, even let them hang for a night or two?  I mean…, they probably have never even been here before.  Only the most overzealous of employers would ever expect someone to fly across country for a life changing meeting – or the likes – and then return home on the very same day of their arrival to SoCal.  I thought all that was a bit harsh.


Hey remaining/future contestants,

As for the remaining (or future) contestants, I’m available for consulting if you should desire to win the competition.  I am confident that I could advise any somewhat-cute young person that maintains any reasonable singing ability on how to win this competition – or at least come close to doing so.  Additionally, my consulting fee would be reasonable and well worth it too.  Moreover, I could guarantee a finish in the money for inclusion in the American Idol tour or no fee – if you follow my advice.  I know the secret!  :)  What have you got to lose?   If you are interested in hearing more, send me an email or comment below with your contact info (comments don’t get posted, unless I publish them, btw). 

Adam T.