Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Has American Idol Shot-Its-Wad?

March 23rd, 2010

Has American Idol television singing competition done shot-its-wad? It’s as if…, the whole competition was started to find a new Janis Joplin. Well…., it appears the competition may have found its new Janis Joplin in the contestant Crystal Bowersox. If this all be true, where can the competition go from here? Nowhere? Downhill? Maybe find another Janis Joplin in another ten years? Looks like the show has done shot-its-wad! This seems especially so, when one considers all the disruption concerning judging personalities. We’re looking forward to the end of this season, but: Thanks for the fun Idol. We’ll remember you fondly (at least for a few years until our collective ADHD kicks in anyhow). :)


PS. The kind’a funny thing about it all was that Bowersox had the gumption to sing the money song, ‘Bobby McGee,’ on money night – when the contest goes from eleven contestants to the final ten who have then finished ‘in the money’ from that point forward.

PSS. “…freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose….” & “…I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday…” Fantastic!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

March 22nd, 2010

The time has come to stop the senseless and wanton violence that plagues our nation and purveys our society at nearly every level. I say stop it by whatever means necessary! I find violence to be sickening. However, even if it takes more violence to eliminate the violent attackers from our streets and from our midst, well..., lets do it now and get it all over with quickly!

It appears that the governments of our land are as ineffectual at stopping this violence as they are at nearly every other endeavor they pursue. Since the governments don’t seem to be interested in my common sense suggestions as to where to begin to eradicate the violence from our society (a common-sense approach that involves no weapons other than open-minds), then it appears it's time for the people to act to remove the would-be violent attackers and violent creeps ourselves.

As such, if there is only one distasteful way to stop this violence, then I say lets make a coordinated effort to rid this evil from our land. And, I say we start sooner rather than later! Again, to be sure, I detest any violence. But, just like in the days of the wild-wild-west, I say let the good people weed-out the evil ones from our lands. Furthermore, I don’t mean to sound half-crazed or out of control with these words. However, the time for action to get these violent attackers off our streets has arrived! Once and for all!

Let’s just say: gun control is not the likely answer!! Hardly! Would the Long Island Railroad shootings of a decade or two ago ever have taken place if the others on that train could have legally and adequately defended themselves? No! It would not! At least not to the level that the shootings progressed. But alas, all the victims on that train were defenseless law-abiding citizens; just as the killer anticipated.

Even college-professor creeps are killing innocent victims in university offices! How long are we to stand by and watch our fellow citizens attacked for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and within striking distance of some violent crazed creep of whom no one ever had any warning of the said creep’s violent potential???!!?? I suggest we stand idly by no longer!

Sorry if these words shock you. However, if these words shock you, maybe its time you wake up and see reality for what it has become and come down off your idealized horse. Unfortunately, violent creeps only understand one thing, such being strength to defend oneself from violent attacks. I am willing to debate anyone that wishes to debate on this subject. However, the time for talking appears to have passed. Its time for the citizenry to defend themselves!


PS. Oh yea, should I mention the one from a few days ago about the middle school girl (14 – ish) in Florida nearly being beaten to death by a violent creep young male (15 – ish) because she had replied to his text in a manner he did not appreciate? Don’t ever let that creep of a young man walk amongst the populace again! Please?

Friday, March 5, 2010

UC and CSU Students Protest Education Budget Cuts.

March 4th, 2010

The television news in Los Angeles today showed many images of students on various California college campuses protesting the reduction of statewide education budgets. To begin with, I say more power to the students.

However, some of us that have been around a little longer than the average college student unfortunately realized long ago that the power structure in our nation seems to have little real interest in feasible higher education being made available to the populace. [Also see: http://adamvernontrotter.blogspot.com/2010/03/possible-reasons-why-nations-power.html .] If a student does not have the money for college or is unable to find a source for the necessary funds, then the student is typically given the opportunity to sign away the near-term future of their life by assuming the significant debt of student loans to pay for their college education – loans with a payback time of five to twenty years.

With some exceptions, this financial dilemma seems to garnish only minimal sympathy from the universities and colleges of our land – non-profit entities that often seem to have the ultimate goal of gathering as much revenue as possible to buffer their endowments and typically amassing the revenues with such deftness and ability that would warm the heart of the most ruthless of corporations. It’s also quite clear the cost of education in the United States does not subscribe to any economic norms as the promise of education naturally seems to prey and play on the hopes and dreams of the students and their families.

The schools [with some exceptions] seem to have little sympathy for the plight of the students because, short of domestic students acquiring the necessary funds for college, it’s evident that most universities seem to prefer foreign students to domestic students anyhow. The students of foreign nationalities apparently have money to pay for their schooling and don’t complain or make noise about anything – obviously unlike many American students, as attested to by today’s student protests regardless of any justification. Furthermore, when it comes to graduate studies, the nation’s university professors overtly seem to prefer the students of foreign nationalities as the foreigners typically have no life outside of school and therefore are willing to essentially work as slaves to the whims of the tenured graduate advisors – that is, to work all the time and expect no real pay for their slave-like graduate research efforts that inexpensively support the tenured advisor’s research efforts as well.

Your thoughts and comments on the issues and opinions herein are welcome.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fuck the Stupid Drug War; Let’s Start a War on Violent Creeps!!!

March 3rd, 2010

FUCK THE STUPID DRUG WAR! Let all the non-violent and victimless criminals out of the jails. This would be ok to save money for the states, in my opinion, yes. Take the crime out of the drug trade and do away with the crime. With some of the money saved from tossing in the towel on the fruitless drug war WE CAN:

START AN ALL-OUT WAR ON THE VIOLENT CREEPS AMONG US – SUCH AS THE KILLER OF CHELSEA KING OF POWAY, CALIFORNIA!! By violent creeps, to be clear, I mean those that would inflict violence on any innocent and unsuspecting others – against innocents who have trespassed against no one to warrant any focus of undue harmful intentions.

Just as with the wild-wild-west of yesteryear, THE GOOD PEOPLE WILL WEED OUT THE BAD PEOPLE! The begetting of violence would seem justified if, in the end, such creeps are eradicated from our world. Such an end would only be a matter of time.

PS. Did I hear the US Supreme Court is going to rule on the right to bear arms?

PSS. To the family of Ms. King and people of Poway, please forgive my utilization of her name as a rallying cry. I don’t mean to appear as insensitive. Ms. King would seem as a martyr resulting from the many absurdities of our times. May she rest in peace.

Should We Execute Violent Sex Offenders Regardless of the Degree of Murder? Body of Missing Female High School Student is Recovered

Revised March 3rd, 2010

The missing young woman, Chelsea King, from Poway High School had been missing for the majority of the last week. Last night it was been widely reported that a body was found in a nearby waterway where she was last known to have gone jogging. The body is apparently that of Chelsea King - another senseless tragedy and victim of our times. May she rest in peace.

A suspect has been arrested who is no stranger to the authorities in this arena. Let’s hope the authorities have arrested the correct creep who would commit such a senseless and heinous crime so that we may spare other families and innocent victims of our nation from any similarly horrific fate.

But…, let’s face it, if the existing legal system and power structure can not put an end to this type of hideous crime, then something needs to change! Of late, unfortunately, these types of crimes seem to be escalating and to be more frequent than years past. Maybe the time is at hand to begin to show the creeps running loose in our society the error of their ways! And, to be clear, I’m not speaking of those involved in heated, impassioned domestic squabbles either. I blog herein of creeps who randomly and haphazardly assault others for no other reason than the victim being in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the vicinity of a creep who should not be on this earth. As these creeps so often seem to be beyond rehabilitation, society apparently needs to start to take some type of drastic action to protect our women and children (and any unnamed victims) from these violent losers – such as the murderer of Chelsea King of Poway, California.

In response to this crime and many similar ones throughout our land, I blog: if the authorities can not guarantee that potentially violent sexual offenders will not be released onto the unsuspecting public at large, then maybe we should just execute any violent sexual offenders. Maybe any executions of violent sex offenders should be a public event as well. If executing such a violent sex offender is another form of murder, well…, then I would ask God to have mercy on us for our attempts to defend additional innocent victims from these predators. In general, I have always believed the wisdom of the founding fathers in that it is ‘better that a hundred guilty men go free rather than one innocent man go to the gallows.’ However, violent sex offenders seem to push this cliché and belief beyond its bounds and generalities.

PS. If the power structure as it currently exists in our nation can not help to protect the innocent of our nation, then maybe we should arm those innocents with defensive weapons in keeping with their level of ability; meaning to arm them with weapons ranging from pepper spray to stun-guns, to derringer pistols!!!

PSS. This matter has ‘rocked’ more than San Diego, btw.

Family Pit-Bull Dog Mauls Face of Four Year Old Child – Pomona, California

March 2nd, 2010

As reported tonight on KCAL 9, an unlicensed, unvaccinated family pit-bull dog mauled the family’s four year old daughter today in Pamona. It is assumed that the child may have surprised and disturbed the dog while it was sleeping. This type of thing happens repeatedly with this type of dog, apparently.

How long is society going to allow children to defenselessly cohabitate with this type of animal? Obviously the adults in these types of houses rarely seem to be aware of any potential danger of having a dim-witted, potentially violent dog in such close proximity of children. Personally, I believe that dogs reflect the temperament and mental capacity of the dog’s owner. However, defenseless children have no say in the matter of the family dog or the ignorance of any adults in the house. Regarding this particular incident, the authorities are reportedly awaiting the family’s decision as to whether the family wants the dog returned. I mean…., say what…?

I pass along my sympathies and well wishes for a speedy recovery for the child.

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