Thursday, February 24, 2011

Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You. (Article)

For anyone who might be interested, here is an article that was forwarded to me:

“Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You”

Published: February 15, 2011
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FreedomBox Foundation, referenced in the article:

The Software Freedom Law Center, also referenced in the article:

(To be clear, I have no personal knowledge of the organizations, so…)


Eating Pizza Everyday Saves a Woman’s Life.

February 24th, 2011

As reported earlier this morning on WCBS New York (880 AM Radio), a Tennessee woman had eaten pizza everyday for the last three years. Upon learning that the woman had not ordered any pizza for three days in a row, a Domino’s Pizza delivery-woman became gravely concerned. The pizza delivery person immediately went to call on the daily customer to check on the customer’s welfare. After checking with the customer's neighbors and repeatedly knocking on the door with no answer, the Domino’s delivery-woman then became more fearful about the customer’s well-being and alerted authorities. Responding paramedics/authorities entered the house and found the customer-woman on the floor where she had fallen three days earlier and was unable to reach the telephone to call for help. The customer-woman is expected to make a full recovery within a few days.

Therefore, not only could eating pizza everyday be good for your health, eating pizza everyday could even save your life! As such, maybe we should ignore anyone that would tell us differently. :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

REPEAL THE ELEVENTH (11TH) AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. FEDERAL CONSTITUTION!! Fix Our Dysfunctional Governments and Make Them Liable!

February 11th, 2011

On the eleventh (11th) day of the second month of the eleventh (11th) year of the second millennium, I have had a revelation: To repair the apparently dysfunctional and inept entities which seemingly comprise most of the governments across our Nation of the United States of America, it would seem WE merely need to repeal the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution!

And to clarify the matter for posterity, maybe a new Amendment should be ratified to clearly state something to the extent that governments have no sovereign immunity in the U.S. of A.


In response to the continuing colossal natural gas main explosions and water main breaks throughout our Nation – of which I have long discussed in another blog (see below), our governments and government-blessed monopolies WE all know as our utility companies seem essentially ineffectual at proactively acting to stop the never ending supply of massive catastrophes. As such, I began to ponder how the American populace could get our governments to act to protect us from these continued disasters. To this end, today I had a revelation:


The Eleventh (11th) Amendment is what is claimed to give immunity to the seemingly inept governments and government officials throughout our Nation. Given such immunity from suit, our governments often seem to have no culpability in their neglect of our crumbling infrastructure systems or any culpability in any other government negligence. To repeal this Amendment would then clear the way for any numbers of the populace to pursue legal action against the governments and government officials and entities for their negligence of our Nation’s infrastructure as well as any politicians' or government officials' neglect of their elected mandate or duty to their office or duty to the People. Though, with no doubt, the original Chief Justice Marshall ruled that individuals could - in fact - legally sue government entities (circa 1810/1820). However, since that time, his ruling has been all but ignored by the legal establishments and jurisdictions of our lands. Again, maybe a new Amendment should be ratified to clearly state something to the extent that governments have no sovereign immunity in the U.S. of A.

Any such proposed changes to our sacred Federal Constitution are not put forth in this blog in any light-hearted manner, btw. And, any such changes to the Amendments thereof are not intended to open any proverbial ‘can of worms’ to any potential money-grubbers and ambulance-chasing type attorneys amongst us either. Maybe to prevent any frivolous/capricious law suits from ensuing – once our inept governments were to become liable for their actions or in-actions by repealing the Eleventh (11th) Amendment, some sort of swift and just penalties could be levied against any individuals who repeatedly were to bring forth any subsequent trivial or frivolous law suits under any new revisions to the Federal Constitution – as proposed herein.

Adam Trotter / AVT


Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Pint-Sized Hero" Story and Interview on This Morning's Today Show on NBC.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Today Show,
I write in response to the interview you aired this morning at approximately 0830 (8:30 A.M. EST) entitled “Pint-Sized Hero.”

While I often enjoy your show, the story and interview on your show this morning about the “Pint-Sized Hero” frustrated me to such a level that it compelled me to contact you (and post this matter to one of my blogs as well). This story of the four year old that sought help by walking away from the solo vehicle accident - wherein her mother had lost control of the family pick-up truck and flipped the vehicle on the ice covered Illinois (or Iowa) farm road - would seem to be more of a story of absurdity as much as it was a story of the young child’s resourcefulness. Of course, the four year old walking off into the snow covered countryside seeking help from strangers to assist her mother and younger brother in/with the overturned and wrecked vehicle was quite impressive. (Apparently this accident happened at nighttime and in the dark - which makes the matter all the more impressive to the credit of the four year old, and incredibly more dangerous too!) No doubt, the four year in your story old seemed to have more intelligence than her mother.

However, I mean…, was the mother nearly as mentally-deficient, reckless, and irresponsible as the story made her sound? This story made the mother seem to be such an extreme idiot - which she surely was by any account of the story: no safety restraints on the toddler children while driving on the ice covered road and obviously she was too stupid/simple-minded to slow down on the ice covered road (for which she was cited for the multiple counts of infractions, as you reported and she admitted) - that I had to write to ask you if the mother was, in reality and in person, half as stupid and irresponsible as your truthful story made her seem to be (a story which she conceded to be truthful and she did not contest, by the way). I’m curious, did she seem in person to be as irresponsible (as this story seemed to suggest) to such a level whereby she should not be trusted with the welfare of the young children? By modern standards, the apparent and continued level of recklessness displayed by this mother on nearly every possible front during the reported incident makes me wonder if she should be trusted with the well-being of any young children.

Again, the mother in this story seemed so idiotically irresponsible that I became frustrated to where I believed myself compelled to write you this note and to post it to my blog as well. I’m curious, do tell if the mother was really as stupid as the story showed her to be, if you would. I am aware we all make mistakes, but when the lives of young and innocent children hang in the balance, well….. (Afterthought: Then again, maybe the task at hand was simply too much for the young mother and the father - or lack thereof - should be the focus of any blame?)

Furthermore, if this story was meant to be one of inspiration or whatever, I think you should reconsider who you have determining what and how you report your news stories. In all likelihood, maybe you should hire me for a real person’s point of view as to what stories you report and what is the true issue of the story, as your show now also seems challenged in this regard. I also can’t help but to wonder if your program’s decision maker/programming director somehow identified with the apparently simple-minded mother in the story and interview. Please let me know any thoughts or comments you may have on the issues herein, if you would be so kind.

Thank you,
Adam Trotter / AVT
[my email address was included in my note I posted to Today Show's Website]

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Girl, 4, treks through snow to save family