Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Year Old Child Killed by family Pit-Bull Dog, Apple Valley California

Monday, January 11, 2010

It is being reported on the local Los Angeles news today that a family in Apple Valley, California had a three year old sun mauled and killed by the family pit-bull pet dog this past Saturday. It was reported that the father of the poor child apparently went inside the house for a moment and left the child alone in the company of the pit-bull dog. Responding paramedics were prevented from approaching the dying child by the crazed dog. Sheriff’s deputies apparently had to kill the enraged dog to retrieve the child’s lifeless body.

Obviously, this is a horrific situation and a terrible loss for the family. I pass along my sympathies to the family and apologize for blogging regarding this next point: Anyone that leaves a pit-bull dog in the vicinity of a lone and very young children should have those children taken from them for knowingly endangering a child – this is especially so if the dog became a family member prior to the child entering the family.

I know…, everyone says “no, no…, not my pit-bull, it’s different. … My pit-bull is very friendly and would never hurt anyone.” I’m sure nearly every pit-bull owner that has had its dog attack an innocent individual has probably said those same words. Those pit-bull owners have certainly never seen their dogs through the eyes of an individual that has any fear of dogs or through the eyes of an individual that is unable to defend themselves against a dog such as a pit-bull. Clearly, pit-bulls dogs don’t have the mental capacity to ignore any sensed fear and instead are provoked to attack any being that fears the dog.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why any anyone would ever want a dog such as these pit-bulls that have the never-ending potential to viciously turn on any family member, friend, passer-by, or – heaven forbid - even attack the family child. Barring the need to protect a junk yard [or the likes] or other commercial use for the potentially vicious dogs, what type of individual needs that type of dog? My apologies if this blog offends you, but its time for society to address this issue such that this type of situation and senseless, tragic death never occurs again. All this in spite of the fact that I really like dogs and I have strong libertarian leanings as well, too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“No-Fly List,” Safeguard or Political Weapon?

January 5th, 2010

Concerning the news reports from a couple of days ago that spoke of the addition of 50,000 new names to the national U.S. “No-Fly List,” if these names are added as a result of real terrorism concerns, then those additions are likely to be justified. Personally, I would go so far as to suggest that if any individual was from a region that is a likely enemy of our state in this war on terror, then don’t let any person from that region fly on airliners from our nation. Even the slightest association with any group that would be complacent towards the mass killing of innocent civilians is reason enough to deny any individual anything above the necessities for life – in my opinion.

However, if these new names to the list include any Americans that were added merely because they utilized their rights to free speech and, as such, have upset some ‘fat-cat’ or bureaucrat, then I would suggest that we send these “No-Fly List” cognizant bureaucrats on their way out of office and send any bureaucrat remotely responsible for such an erroneous listing on their way to the unemployment office as well. In particular, if any individual added to the list is an American whose name has been added for pursuing their legal rights in a Court of Law in our nation - say for suing a bureaucrat or Agency that acted illegally - and such a suit upset the bureaucrats who in turn added the individual’s name to the “No-Fly” list in retribution, then the time may be at hand for legal action by those of us Americans that truly care about our substantive rights as guaranteed by our birthright and are offended by abuse of authority by our bureaucrats.

Are we as tax-paying Americans not entitled to know who adds the names to the list, who are those added to the list, and for what reason is anyone added to the list? Or, is the whole thing totally arbitrary and subjective and nothing more than defamation? I ask because we are all aware that our governments seem to have a difficult time trying to achieve any productive results in any effective manner.

I mean, I’m just saying…..