Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can We Believe any Reported News Stories Concerning Hollywood Stars?

October 5th, 2010

While giving a live interview on this morning’s “Today Show,” television stars and married couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna apparently had their clothing store boutique in Thousand Oaks (?) robbed while the interview was being aired and conducted in New York. As the interview happened, Mr. Hamlin answered a phone call during the interview that informed him of the robbery. At about that time the couple mentioned that they would be starring in a new reality television show to highlight all the ‘drama’ that circles about in their lives. Well, I would suppose that such an understatement does not do justice to the situation of reality television – if such is reality and not scripted, because it would appear that reality television stars are nothing but ‘drama queens’ as a general rule.

Nevertheless, I am led to wonder, can we believe any reported news that involves Hollywood starlets or is all the drama that comes their way merely staged for publicity purposes? I mean…, to begin with, who answers a telephone call while giving an interview on national television? Also, do not the Hollywood starlets stand to profit from any and all publicity that befalls them? For example, did Paris Hilton recently seek to be arrested for marijuana and cocaine possession in Las Vegas to maintain her image and to gather more publicity? Like…, is she seeking a new “B-F-F” show, or the likes? (See: In Washington DC, did the Salahi drama queens ‘crash’ the Presidential State dinner merely to gather publicity for the “Housewives of D.C.” reality show? For that matter, as reality television show stars and productions seem to be one of the few creatures/entities in existence which maintain the potential to consistently display less integrity than the average self-serving politician, maybe the whole ordeal of the Salahi’s crashing President Obama’s state dinner was orchestrated to return some political favor that the White House owed to some Hollywood executive. I mean…, who inappropriately attends a White House dinner and suffers no repercussions for so doing and is then subsequently rewarded with starring in a television show as a result of their possibly illegal actions?

I think, in general, when any reported news story involves a show-biz star, I would tend to doubt the truthfulness of the story and would likely believe that any such matter was merely orchestrated to gain publicity for the starlets. However, if the robbery of Hamlin’s and Rinna’s store is, in fact, genuine, then I hope the authorities arrest the culprit and toss the thieves in jail for a long time. Then again, if the robbery was merely a ploy to gain publicity for the married stars and their upcoming reality show, I hope the starlet couple is thrown in jail for just as long as any would-be robber!

Adam Trotter / AVT