Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Racism at Good Day L.A. v. Racism at Chick-fil-A

December 13th, 2011

GoodDay LA,
Hello. I write to point out a bit of irony on your show. Not that I am defending anyone, mind you, but regarding Jillian’s comment this morning about how racists are seemingly being continually exposed in the modern work place: Surely when one reaches the high powered position of ‘Order Taker’ at the Chick fil-A fast-food counter, society should not stand for any such powerful individuals displaying any politically incorrect viewpoints or inappropriate jokes, no doubt! Yet it is apparently perfectly acceptable for one such as Jillian (a white female) to announce to the world on your television show of how she would openly refuse to date any ‘white men’ or ‘white guys’ merely because they are white – as she has repeatedly stated over the last several years on your show. As I have contacted your show on a matter such as this previously, I suppose the lesson to be learned from your show is that the inappropriateness of any racism is merely dependent on the nexus between the source and the target of any expressed racist viewpoints. Nevertheless, I agree, it is interesting how racists are continually being exposed in the modern workplaces across our nation. Thank you for your time.


Chick-fil-A: Employee mocking Asians no reflection on company.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lady Bugs and Bees

December 6th, 2011

During the last few summers or so, it seems that I regularly have been visited by a somewhat continual stream of lady bugs. While I have never understood if there was any karmic, metaphysical, or earthly significance to the matter, nevertheless, I found it all to be kind’a cool. :)

Of late over the last several months, however, it seems that the stream has mostly been that of bees apparently coming before me to die. I don’t understand if there is any significance to this latest phenomenon either. But…, as to my concern, let’s say it’s starting to freak me out a little.


PS. FYI, currently, I am in a region where bees are still out and about at this point in the calendar year – but not too many lady bugs, as far as I can tell.

Worth noting for posterity: Approximately a couple of years back, in response to a televised news story attesting to the dire straights of the bee population – especially in the United States, I contacted a bee expert at University of California at Davis. While the professor was apparently quite open, intelligent, and cordial in his conversing with me, he seemed to be at a loss, more or less, as to what is happening to the diminishing bee population. While the professor - as I recall - put forth no concrete answers to the question at hand, he didn’t seem to be overly receptive to my hypotheses on the matter either. As a result of the bees I continually witness dying right in front of my eyes, on my parked vehicle, and on the sidewalks, I can only surmise that possibly some metaphysical force could be at play in that maybe I am to begin to focus more of my attentions on the plight of the bee population. Maybe such seems logical despite of the illogic of it all?


Follow on January 18th, 2014

It’s been happening again for a few months now, at least with the bees.  Odd though that I saw a television show the other day that proffered that it was extra-terrestrials killing-off the bees to do away with the human race on earth.  (See:  “Unsealed: Alien Files”; at  http://www.unsealedfiles.com/the-alien-files )  I don’t know about all that, but….  It’s all both interesting and disturbing at the same time, nevertheless. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rationing of Pseudoephedrine / Sudafed

October 22nd, 2011

As many of us are aware, the government now rations the amount of sudafed (pseudoephedrine) it allows merchant stores to purchase for sale to consumers and, of course, the government limits how much of the product citizens can purchase as well. As such, the product has doubled in price since the government became involved in its sale. The product is only very rarely, if ever, sold for any reduced or sale price (that is any price less than its now greatly inflated price). And, worse yet, those who legitimately suffer from sinusitis often can not buy sudafed at any price, as the retailers are sold out of the product as often as not. When it is available for purchase, the sinus sufferer must be entered into the state rolls of those who purchase Sudafed– so much for the myth of medical privacy.

For those who don’t know, any purchasers of the legal product of Sudafed are often treated as a potential speed freaks and criminals by retailers. The retailers, for their part, are excessively scrutinized in the sale of the legal product as well, I’m sure. One might recall within the last year or so, CVS being forced to pay the Federal government some $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars) in fines for selling too much Sudafed to its customers.

One thing that we can say with a fair amount of confidence in this matter, no doubt, is that the amount of individuals abusing amphetamines in the nation has surely not decreased regardless of all the government restrictions placed upon this product and regardless of the impositions routinely doled out to lawful citizens and merchants as well.

So, in other words, now that the governments have become involved and solidified their presence in the sale of sudafed, those that abide by the law are the only ones that are inconvenienced by the law – as is typically the case for laws that come from our inept governments across the land. For those that are too mentally deficient to understand, in general, criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why they are called criminals. What’s more, as for drug addicts, what do I really care about their behavior if they are hurting no one else? Who am I to judge and tell them how they should live their lives. I am no government which seems only to exist to tell people what they can and cant do – albeit victimless behavior or otherwise.

However, I rarely hesitate to tell our bloated and behemoth governments what they should do – as we all know. To such an end, might I suggest the governments attempt exactly the opposite of what they think they should do – if they believe themselves compelled to do anything, which is a somewhat rare situation, of course. The governments should allow as much manufacture and sale of sudafed as the marketplace wants. That way the drug addicted individuals can have their fill and there will still be some Sudafed product left on the shelves (or behind the counter as the case may now be) for those among us that might actually need the product to breathe easier.

I am confident that this matter of the rationing of sudafed will be heading to Federal court or the U.S. Supreme Court, if needed, within a few years. As a matter of fact, I am fairly sure of it.


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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pirates Attack Vessel in Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts.

August 5th, 2011

As reported this evening on WHDH Television Channel 7 in Boston (among other places), pirates apparently attacked a vessel in Gloucester Harbor of Massachusetts. The violated vessel (a 40 foot sailboat) was moored in the harbor yesterday when two men boarded the boat. The men had come alongside the moored sailboat from a power boat which was proudly flying the colors of the Jolly Roger. News reports claim that the men/would-be pirates intended to rob the vessel – which they believed to be unattended. However, the would-be pirates were sent scurrying when confronted by the owner/occupant of the sailboat who was onboard at the time of the incident. The would-be pirates claimed to be armed with a gun and then threatened and warned the occupant of the sailboat against reporting the matter to authorities.

Responding police were said to have sailed a pursuit boat from a launch on Pirates Lane in Gloucester. Police/U.S. Coast Guard, according to other reports, were then reported to have cornered the would-be pirates in what is known as Pirates Cove in the Gloucester area.

The would-be pirate boat which transported the would-be pirates was quickly identified as it was said to have been still flying the Jolly Roger colors when the would-be pirates were located, cornered, and apprehended. True to such a heritage and legend, I suppose pirates were never really known for their intellectual abilities.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Police: 2 men with pirate flag try to rob boat in Gloucester

'Pirate' boaters charged in robbery bid

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Charlie’s Funeral

August 5th, 2011

Well, I guess the show really does go on – regardless. It’s being reported that a new and upcoming episode and season of “Two and a Half Men” is set to be aired on CBS Television. Of course, the show is slated to have Ashton Kutcher somewhat replacing “Charlie Harper,” which is/was Charlie Sheen’s character

Regarding the reported story and all it entails, I say:

Dig it! But not sure if I'm diggin' it all, yet. Well..., at least I ain’t gotta dig the hole in the ground for Charlie Harper, anyway. :)

He pretty much dug his own grave for himself, apparently.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beyoncé Does Bollywood / Beyoncé Debut Video on American Idol Copying Bollywood (?)

May 18th, 2011

While the tune/music/beat may have been okay on the new Beyoncé video that was debuted on American Idol this evening, the choreography appeared to me to be right out of a Bollywood Musical. :)


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Season 10, American Idol: I’m ‘Idoling,’ But… (And Other Idol Info.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comedy and Free Speech or Kiddie Porn? Either Way, Plea Bargains Suck!

April 13th, 2011

The Youtube comedian/jokester, Evan Emory, who edited his video to make it appear he was singing a sexually-suggestive song to a group of young school children agreed to a plea bargain whereby he will serve a sentence of a sixty day jail-term (among other things). The said individual pleaded ‘no contest’ to "unlawful posting of an Internet message with aggravating circumstances” – according to the Village Voice. Apparently the young man/comic agreed to the plea bargain to avoid any possibility of a conviction of "manufacturing child pornography."

Clearly, the young man and video jokester didn’t think his joke through to any possible conclusion – especially how the video might be perceived/received by any of the young children’s parents, let alone how it might be perceived by a prosecutor or judge. If my child had been highlighted in the video, I also probably would have been perturbed. Nevertheless, in this day and age, it would seem nearly anyone would agree to spend a month [or so] in jail [to appease any upset parents or bureaucrats] before they would risk being labeled and nationally listed as a ‘sex offender’ – assuming they ever wanted another job.

What is of issue here, in my opinion, is this matter highlights how the plea bargain process seems improper. Maybe this matter should have been heard to clarify what speech is illegal and what is not – regardless of what is improper or in poor taste or what jokes of what subject should be avoided. Of course, such a hearing/trial would have meant a considerable increase in workload for all the legal entities and personnel involved.

Then again, what probably prevented this matter from being heard is the apparent and often improper nature of mandatory type of sentencing, particularly so concerning any national blacklists – such as any National Bad Drivers List, No-Fly List (unless the individual is a verified terrorist) and dare I say it, any sex-offenders list (because it can apparently blacklist for life any such simplistic comedian-wanna-be, for one example).

It would seem mandatory sentencing or labeling should only apply to violent criminals, in my opinion, if at all. Sentencing guidelines would appear as a better alternative. It would seem that any honest and competent judge could distinguish those that should be removed from society and incarcerated and those for whom such a sentence of incarceration may not be warranted. However, of course, not all judges are fair, honest, and competent – as history has shown us time and time again throughout the land.

I mean, regardless of all else, maybe this matter should have been heard/tried to clarify what is Free speech and what is not. Such a clarification appears as necessary for some, obviously. This Youtube comedian was not intending to make child pornography, in my opinion, he was merely attempting to make a [poor or improper] joke. However, any mandatory sentencing and blacklisting of this Youtube comedian likely also would have been improper. (Be aware, I don’t know the individual personally.)

As a result of no clarification of legal speech in this matter, would any viewer of the joke Youtube video also be guilty of watching child pornography? Are/Were any news/media outlets then providing child pornography by allowing anyone to view the video on their websites or broadcasts? Was Youtube guilty of posting child pornography when it allowed the posting of this video to its massive website?

As with any legal ambiguity, by this plea bargain, Freedom of Speech has essentially been weakened as to what Free Speech is legal or illegal – again, as such a clarification appears as necessary for some and, in the end, such a legal clarification could help all. Is the Village Voice breaking the Law by providing the video for viewing – which it chose not to do by the link below? I don’t profess to have or know the answer for dealing with pedophiles and I wish such individuals were not ever among the free and decent peoples of the world, of course. However, when one is talking about Freedom of Speech without any violent intentions, well…. Maybe, at a minimum, our tax dollars would be better spent by not putting misguided and simple-minded comedians in jail for jokes – regardless of the inappropriate nature of the joke.


YouTube Kid Gets 60 Days in Jail For Sex Joke Song
By Joe Coscarelli, Wed., Apr. 13 2011 @ 5:13PM

On the other hand, for reference on my position on such matters, I have also previously posted:
Should We Execute Violent Sex Offenders Regardless of the Degree of Murder? Body of Missing Female High School Student is Recovered

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Baby Boomer Generation: The End-All Hypocrites for the Ages?

During the late 1960’s, the Baby Boomer generation essentially began its rise to power while preaching Freedom of expression and non-materialistic ‘peace and love’ for all of mankind. As this generation now begins to retire/accelerates its retirement from the workforce, to the next generation the Baby Boomers pass the reigns of a society which seems consistently to care only for profit and political power and a civilization which is teetering on the brink of worldwide fascism – and arguably more so than ever before. As such, will the majority of the Baby Boomer generation justifiably be known to history as consummate hypocrites? Obviously, some Baby Boomers seem to have been true to their youthful ideals as there has been an increase of charitable organizations and charitable contributions during the last fifty-plus years. Nevertheless, did the Baby Boomers – as a whole – help to solidify and compound the potentially self-centered inclinations of the world’s populace, did they make the world a better place, or did they have no significant effect either way on the current state of human nature?

In the end, will this generation be remembered for helping or hurting the peoples of the world? Of course, the entire legacy of the Baby Boomer generation has yet to be written, so ultimately, time will tell.

AVT (April, 2011)

PS. I speak/write here in generalities, of course.

PSS. The Baby Boomer generation is generally accepted as those who were born after World War II and prior to 1970 – more or less. The actual/exact birth-years of those who are classified as ‘Baby Boomers’ is dependent on whose book or definition is cited/referenced. Regardless, ‘Baby Boomers’ are generally considered to be those who are born between 1945 and 1968-ish.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Season 10, American Idol: I’m ‘Idoling,’ But… (And Other Idol Info.)

April 6th, 2011

I’ve been enjoying the latest season of “American Idol” - the reality television show and singing contest (now in its tenth season). I have also enjoyed the new line-up of celebrity judges this year as well.

So…, I’ve been idoling again this season. But, ya’ know wha’….? The show kind’a seems to need a brash ‘Simon Cowell’ type of judge, in my humble opinion.

Not that praise for the current contestants is necessarily not warranted, but the Season 10 celebrity judges (Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson) seemingly have been too nice and lavishing too much adoration on the contestants - again, in my opinion. Besides, the presence of a cranky and condescending Simon–Cowell–type of judge was probably better for the ultimate success of the contestants as his criticism managed to better keep the likely star-struck contestants grounded in the real world (so to speak). Furthermore, a never-happy type of judge adds the additional zest of more drama to the show as the audience always waits to hear what the cranky judge has to say about the contestant’s performances. :)


PS. As a side note concerning the American Idol Show, I thought I had heard that the contestants had moved out of the Idol Mansion/residence as a result of unearthly and haunting spirits in the house. Now it appears that maybe what I heard had some validity to it:
'Ghost' Investigators -- Cast Away from 'Idol' Mansion

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Thought Police Might Be on the Move.

March 23rd, 2011

As an apparent result of recent worldwide set-backs to their cause, the Thought Police again seem to be mounting an offensive. Advanced scouts are reporting significant movement in the ranks and positions of the Thought Police. However, it also is being reported by the scouts that it seems if WE can thwart any latest/upcoming offensive, that the Thought Police eventually may be required to retreat from the field of battle. They may be forced to retreat as the Thought Police appear to be running short on reinforcements, or so it is currently believed. As such, it is hereby recommended that we hold our ground, do not surrender to any onslaught by the Thought Police, and hope for the thinning of their ranks which may force them to soon retreat. Don’t forget, nearly anyone or any electronic device can be working for the cause of the Thought Police, unfortunately.

Freedom of Thought hangs in the balance.


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wild Birds of a New England Winter




Sorry Charlie, But “Shut Up” Already! Are You Acting as a Publicist too?

March 1st, 2011

Charlie Sheen,
Yes many of us can relate and I sure many of us can not relate as well, but ‘shut-up’ already!

Didn’t your mouth already get you into trouble/cause your current state of grief? And yet, you seem to think this same mouth will make it all better – and get you back your show or a contract buy-out or whatever? It doesn’t sound like it, however. From what I have heard, your mouth/interviews are only digging you a ‘deeper hole.’ So “Shut-up” already! Who is your publicist? Are you represented at all? WE are all aware the best actors play themselves. But being a publicist / P.R. person doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. If this latest matter and difficulty is truly legitimate… …You should hire me! …Really!!

At a minimum, “shut-up” already! Spare us all the grief of watching another apparent ‘crash and burn’ of one who was generally liked by society at-large, will ya?

Or has this matter also become another in a long list of publicity stunts orchestrated by the corporate television networks to publicize a television show? WE could only hope, for whatever the reason, huh?

I mean…, I can appreciate your [/Mr. Sheen’s] candor and courage to face any proverbial music in this matter. And many of us can relate to being recently divorced and the desire to ‘cut out’ and have some decadent fun. Nevertheless, if you have a statement you desired to make concerning your private/interpersonal difficulties, Charlie, put it in a press release of some sort and let it go at that. We all know, of course, that the television news has nearly nothing else to report these days which won’t merely make the entire populace turn the television channel (given the “Great Depression of the New Millennium,” and multiple wars and all). So your desire to face the public via nationally televised interviews regarding with your private difficulties is to be commended, but such is also likely to be misguided, in my opinion anyhow.

Of course we are aware that the best actors may, in fact, play themselves in any given role. However, the current matter of Charlie Sheen displays the apparent fact that the stars and starlets whom society may place on proverbial pedestals for playing fictional characters and playing roles other than themselves (in celluloid and television), these stars seem/are much better served when reading from pre-written scripts.


PS. Does anyone follow my logic here? Then again, maybe any publicity is good publicity?

Afterthought. Post ABC 20/20 Interview, “Charlie Sheen: In his Own Words.” (The blog above was written before the "20/20" show interview, only this after thought was written after the "20/20" interview - of which I only saw the last 20 minutes.)
Well, Charlie, if you can’t merely remain quiet from this point forward, might as well say what’s on your mind if you must, I suppose – should anyone still be willing to listen. The Right to freedom of expression and the Right to pursue your happiness applies to you as well. So, in any case and if you can’t hit the brakes: Give ‘em hell, Charlie; whatever it takes! :)

(I heard about the latest news too, btw. Fighting battles on three fronts is tough. It can take alot out of a person.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You. (Article)

For anyone who might be interested, here is an article that was forwarded to me:

“Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You”

Published: February 15, 2011
Find the Article at:


FreedomBox Foundation, referenced in the article:

The Software Freedom Law Center, also referenced in the article:

(To be clear, I have no personal knowledge of the organizations, so…)


Eating Pizza Everyday Saves a Woman’s Life.

February 24th, 2011

As reported earlier this morning on WCBS New York (880 AM Radio), a Tennessee woman had eaten pizza everyday for the last three years. Upon learning that the woman had not ordered any pizza for three days in a row, a Domino’s Pizza delivery-woman became gravely concerned. The pizza delivery person immediately went to call on the daily customer to check on the customer’s welfare. After checking with the customer's neighbors and repeatedly knocking on the door with no answer, the Domino’s delivery-woman then became more fearful about the customer’s well-being and alerted authorities. Responding paramedics/authorities entered the house and found the customer-woman on the floor where she had fallen three days earlier and was unable to reach the telephone to call for help. The customer-woman is expected to make a full recovery within a few days.

Therefore, not only could eating pizza everyday be good for your health, eating pizza everyday could even save your life! As such, maybe we should ignore anyone that would tell us differently. :)





Saturday, February 12, 2011

REPEAL THE ELEVENTH (11TH) AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. FEDERAL CONSTITUTION!! Fix Our Dysfunctional Governments and Make Them Liable!

February 11th, 2011

On the eleventh (11th) day of the second month of the eleventh (11th) year of the second millennium, I have had a revelation: To repair the apparently dysfunctional and inept entities which seemingly comprise most of the governments across our Nation of the United States of America, it would seem WE merely need to repeal the Eleventh (11th) Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution!

And to clarify the matter for posterity, maybe a new Amendment should be ratified to clearly state something to the extent that governments have no sovereign immunity in the U.S. of A.


In response to the continuing colossal natural gas main explosions and water main breaks throughout our Nation – of which I have long discussed in another blog (see below), our governments and government-blessed monopolies WE all know as our utility companies seem essentially ineffectual at proactively acting to stop the never ending supply of massive catastrophes. As such, I began to ponder how the American populace could get our governments to act to protect us from these continued disasters. To this end, today I had a revelation:


The Eleventh (11th) Amendment is what is claimed to give immunity to the seemingly inept governments and government officials throughout our Nation. Given such immunity from suit, our governments often seem to have no culpability in their neglect of our crumbling infrastructure systems or any culpability in any other government negligence. To repeal this Amendment would then clear the way for any numbers of the populace to pursue legal action against the governments and government officials and entities for their negligence of our Nation’s infrastructure as well as any politicians' or government officials' neglect of their elected mandate or duty to their office or duty to the People. Though, with no doubt, the original Chief Justice Marshall ruled that individuals could - in fact - legally sue government entities (circa 1810/1820). However, since that time, his ruling has been all but ignored by the legal establishments and jurisdictions of our lands. Again, maybe a new Amendment should be ratified to clearly state something to the extent that governments have no sovereign immunity in the U.S. of A.

Any such proposed changes to our sacred Federal Constitution are not put forth in this blog in any light-hearted manner, btw. And, any such changes to the Amendments thereof are not intended to open any proverbial ‘can of worms’ to any potential money-grubbers and ambulance-chasing type attorneys amongst us either. Maybe to prevent any frivolous/capricious law suits from ensuing – once our inept governments were to become liable for their actions or in-actions by repealing the Eleventh (11th) Amendment, some sort of swift and just penalties could be levied against any individuals who repeatedly were to bring forth any subsequent trivial or frivolous law suits under any new revisions to the Federal Constitution – as proposed herein.

Adam Trotter / AVT


Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Pint-Sized Hero" Story and Interview on This Morning's Today Show on NBC.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Today Show,
I write in response to the interview you aired this morning at approximately 0830 (8:30 A.M. EST) entitled “Pint-Sized Hero.”

While I often enjoy your show, the story and interview on your show this morning about the “Pint-Sized Hero” frustrated me to such a level that it compelled me to contact you (and post this matter to one of my blogs as well). This story of the four year old that sought help by walking away from the solo vehicle accident - wherein her mother had lost control of the family pick-up truck and flipped the vehicle on the ice covered Illinois (or Iowa) farm road - would seem to be more of a story of absurdity as much as it was a story of the young child’s resourcefulness. Of course, the four year old walking off into the snow covered countryside seeking help from strangers to assist her mother and younger brother in/with the overturned and wrecked vehicle was quite impressive. (Apparently this accident happened at nighttime and in the dark - which makes the matter all the more impressive to the credit of the four year old, and incredibly more dangerous too!) No doubt, the four year in your story old seemed to have more intelligence than her mother.

However, I mean…, was the mother nearly as mentally-deficient, reckless, and irresponsible as the story made her sound? This story made the mother seem to be such an extreme idiot - which she surely was by any account of the story: no safety restraints on the toddler children while driving on the ice covered road and obviously she was too stupid/simple-minded to slow down on the ice covered road (for which she was cited for the multiple counts of infractions, as you reported and she admitted) - that I had to write to ask you if the mother was, in reality and in person, half as stupid and irresponsible as your truthful story made her seem to be (a story which she conceded to be truthful and she did not contest, by the way). I’m curious, did she seem in person to be as irresponsible (as this story seemed to suggest) to such a level whereby she should not be trusted with the welfare of the young children? By modern standards, the apparent and continued level of recklessness displayed by this mother on nearly every possible front during the reported incident makes me wonder if she should be trusted with the well-being of any young children.

Again, the mother in this story seemed so idiotically irresponsible that I became frustrated to where I believed myself compelled to write you this note and to post it to my blog as well. I’m curious, do tell if the mother was really as stupid as the story showed her to be, if you would. I am aware we all make mistakes, but when the lives of young and innocent children hang in the balance, well….. (Afterthought: Then again, maybe the task at hand was simply too much for the young mother and the father - or lack thereof - should be the focus of any blame?)

Furthermore, if this story was meant to be one of inspiration or whatever, I think you should reconsider who you have determining what and how you report your news stories. In all likelihood, maybe you should hire me for a real person’s point of view as to what stories you report and what is the true issue of the story, as your show now also seems challenged in this regard. I also can’t help but to wonder if your program’s decision maker/programming director somehow identified with the apparently simple-minded mother in the story and interview. Please let me know any thoughts or comments you may have on the issues herein, if you would be so kind.

Thank you,
Adam Trotter / AVT
[my email address was included in my note I posted to Today Show's Website]

See my comment on Today Show's/MSNBC's Comment Board at:

See the story at:

Girl, 4, treks through snow to save family


Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Zealand Woman Becomes Paralyzed From ‘Hickey’ On Neck. HEAR THAT, YOUNGSTERS?

January 26th, 2011

Yesterday, News 12 Long Island reported that a New Zealand woman became paralyzed after receiving a ‘hickey’ on her neck. It was reported that after getting the ‘hickey’ she had lost use of her extremities on one side of her body (or use of the entire side of her body, I not sure which). She quickly went/was taken to the hospital and the doctors determined that a clotted artery in her neck or small stroke (or something anyhow) had been caused by her partner giving her (a severe?) ‘hickey.’ The doctors/hospital prescribed and administered some type of anti–coagulant blood medicine and sometime thereafter, luckily for her, she regained use of her temporarily paralyzed body parts.

So, to the youngsters in the crowd [regardless of age] that may read this blog, the next time your partner/lover/bf/gf is going at it with your neck, aside from the hideous mark it leaves on your neck, you may live to regret that ‘hickey’ in more ways than one! :)

Adam Trotter / AVT



NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Tougher Gun-Control While Elderly Staten Island Couple Is Nearly Beaten To Death In Apartment Building Lobby.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

When the Suicide Leap and Fall Doesn’t Kill…

January 2nd, 2011.

This evening it was reported that a man on Manhattan’s West Side attempted suicide by jumping from the top of a building. However, he survived the attempt as his fall was apparently broken by an accumulated pile of trash that had not been collected due to the recent large snowfall in the city. I suppose we could surmise this one as: When the suicide leap and fall doesn’t kill, maybe the resulting humiliation will - or maybe it will lead to more worthwhile pursuits, anyhow.

Both WCBS 880 AM and WINS 1010 AM radio reported that a man attempted suicide by leaping from the top of a building near the intersection of West 45th Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City. As a result of the heavily reported and much maligned city neglect of trash collection subsequent to the fifth largest snowfall/blizzard in NYC’s history (or something like that), the man survived the fall by landing on a large pile of trash and is now reported to be in stable condition in a NYC hospital.

I guess it wasn’t his time to go.

Hopefully and no doubt the event will give the man a new outlook on life. Let’s hope he uses his remaining time and energies in the pursuit of more worthy endeavors.

Adam Trotter / AVT