Thursday, December 23, 2010

Was the Notorious John Brown of the Mid-1800’s a Terrorist? A Note to MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

December 23rd, 2010

Subsequent to viewing a few moments of MSNBC’s show “Hardball with Chris Matthews” a few days ago, wherein the host Chris Matthews and an African American guest did their best to ridicule another guest for his support of, and celebration of the anniversary of South Carolina’s secession from the Union and the attack on Fort Sumter of 1861, I thought I would take a moment to blog about the further ridiculing of the guest from South Carolina for his classification of the abolitionist John Brown as a terrorist.

Before I continue, let me list my potential credentials for speaking about this subject. To begin with, as a child and long before the days of modern political correctness, I spent a significant amount of time in the Harpers Ferry and Charles Town area of what is now West Virginia. John Brown, of course, had his infamous raid in which he commandeered a U.S. Federal arsenal/armory in Harpers Ferry and then, after capture, was subsequently and quickly tried in a court of law (while on his death bed) and shortly thereafter, executed in the Charles Town area of what was then northwestern Virginia. Not only did I frequent Harpers Ferry, I often relaxed and enjoyed the scenery on the very same grounds (of what is now a national park) where the troops likely mustered in wait to take the arsenal back from Brown during his raid. Furthermore, my grandparents whom I often visited in that area, in turn had grandparents who settled and lived in the Kansas and Missouri Territories (mostly Kansas by that late a year, however) during the time of John Brown’s absurd killing sprees and shenanigans and during all the misery associated with the "Bleeding Kansas" saga. And I recall my grandparents speaking to me of the raids of Brown during the times of my great-great grandparents. As such, I became somewhat versed in the violent endeavors of John Brown. So, I believe myself reasonably qualified to speak on whether or not John Brown was a terrorist.

YES, JOHN BROWN WAS CLEARLY A TERRORIST! Mr. Matthews, if you think such a statement is laughable, as you apparently did on your show, you clearly are ignorant or are trying to rewrite history in the vein of political correctness. Most of the folks John Brown killed in the plains states were likely to be nothing more than simpleton farmers. The majority of the simpleton farmers during the slavery era were not typically slave owners – they could not afford such a luxury as slaves even if they wanted slaves, which most apparently did not want, btw. These folks were merely farmers looking to make a living and support their families, regardless of politics in Washington, DC. The folks reportedly hacked to death in Kansas by Brown's men were killed merely for their potential political viewpoints. So, in fact, the only real point to the killings by John Brown of innocents in the Kansas/Missouri areas of the “Bleeding Kansas” days of our nation’s history was for no other purpose than to intimidate and terrorize the residents of those areas into supporting Kansas’ induction into the Union as a “free state.” Such acts of intimidation are regardless of whether or not Brown viewed his actions as retaliations against pro-slavers and regardless of whether or not his idealic inspiration was just. As a point of interest, according to’s webpage on John Brown, Abraham Lincoln himself had classified John Brown as a “misguided fanatic,” which would equate to calling someone a terrorist in those days, no doubt. (This is supposedly a quote written by Frederick J. Blue in American Historical Review, April 2006, v. 111 p 481-2; but I don't want to pay to verify it. But such a quote would make sense as the Republican Lincoln would seem to want to downplay fellow Republican abolitionists' support of Brown.) Either way, quite frankly, anyone that sets out with the intention of inflicting bodily harm on others is essentially a terrorist - withstanding authorized combat or self defense, neither of which necessarily applies to Brown.

Additionally, Mr. Matthews, your guest and the entire MSNBC network, NO, THE END DOES NOT ALWAYS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. Regardless of whether one’s rationale for action is just, the means of action can still be terroristic in nature. In other words, just because John Brown sought to end the evil of slavery, he had no right to kill innocent civilians in Kansas or Missouri or anywhere else, nor did it give him the right to violently take the U.S. arsenal/armory at Harpers Ferry, [West] Virginia. (As a clear example of my logic, every account tells of the ire and zeal of the local folks in the Harpers Ferry area concerning the locals’ assistance towards the capture of John Brown. Yet with the outbreak of the civil war, these folks broke with the rest of the State of Virginia and stayed loyal to the Union thereby displaying no significant inclination to support the continuation of slavery. Nevertheless, the Harpers Ferryians obviously hated John Brown for his actions as they reportedly shot and killed one of Brown’s sons as he emerged from the engine house under a white flag to converse with the amassed crowd intent on retaking the armory [/engine house] from Brown.) If you believe that the end justified the means, will you some day be telling us that Timothy McVeigh and his fellow terrorist buddies were justified in killing innocents during the Oklahoma City bombing in which he was apparently seeking vengeance and highlighting the unlawful and extreme excesses of the Clinton administration’s absurd handling and tactics related to the Waco, Texas fiasco of the early-mid 1990’s (whereby the Clinton administration likely murdered the Branch Davidians and Dave Koresh on these people’s private property)? I think not. Because, regardless of whether or not the Clinton administration did - in fact - murder the religious zealots in Waco, such injustice gave no right to McVeigh to murder children [or anyone else] in Oklahoma City as a form of protest.

You, Mr. Matthews, and your guest, and your MSNBC network, seem to prefer to laugh at the actions of the infamous John Brown and prefer to classify such actions as not being terroristic in nature because his motivation was to end slavery and therefore all his killings and actions were apparently justified – according to your apparent outlook. Such logic and actions by Brown is surely similar to and in keeping with the logic of the creepy terrorists of our modern times, regardless of their motivations. Are the modern terrorists also not terrorists in your MSNBC world of absolute political correctness because they also believe themselves justified to kill innocent civilians? Are you to pardon the murderous actions of terrorists merely because you agree with the motivation of the terrorists?

Please be aware, Mr. Matthews and the MSNBC Network, that this was not really an easy note to write. No one wants to be ridiculed on your network. No one wants to be ridiculed for pointing out the occasional absurdities, faulty claims, and odd opinions of your network either. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about this note. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. I posted this note to MSNBC’s website.

See also (though remember what I’ve said about Wikipedia):
(page on “Bleeding Kansas”)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can We Believe any Reported News Stories Concerning Hollywood Stars?

October 5th, 2010

While giving a live interview on this morning’s “Today Show,” television stars and married couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna apparently had their clothing store boutique in Thousand Oaks (?) robbed while the interview was being aired and conducted in New York. As the interview happened, Mr. Hamlin answered a phone call during the interview that informed him of the robbery. At about that time the couple mentioned that they would be starring in a new reality television show to highlight all the ‘drama’ that circles about in their lives. Well, I would suppose that such an understatement does not do justice to the situation of reality television – if such is reality and not scripted, because it would appear that reality television stars are nothing but ‘drama queens’ as a general rule.

Nevertheless, I am led to wonder, can we believe any reported news that involves Hollywood starlets or is all the drama that comes their way merely staged for publicity purposes? I mean…, to begin with, who answers a telephone call while giving an interview on national television? Also, do not the Hollywood starlets stand to profit from any and all publicity that befalls them? For example, did Paris Hilton recently seek to be arrested for marijuana and cocaine possession in Las Vegas to maintain her image and to gather more publicity? Like…, is she seeking a new “B-F-F” show, or the likes? (See: In Washington DC, did the Salahi drama queens ‘crash’ the Presidential State dinner merely to gather publicity for the “Housewives of D.C.” reality show? For that matter, as reality television show stars and productions seem to be one of the few creatures/entities in existence which maintain the potential to consistently display less integrity than the average self-serving politician, maybe the whole ordeal of the Salahi’s crashing President Obama’s state dinner was orchestrated to return some political favor that the White House owed to some Hollywood executive. I mean…, who inappropriately attends a White House dinner and suffers no repercussions for so doing and is then subsequently rewarded with starring in a television show as a result of their possibly illegal actions?

I think, in general, when any reported news story involves a show-biz star, I would tend to doubt the truthfulness of the story and would likely believe that any such matter was merely orchestrated to gain publicity for the starlets. However, if the robbery of Hamlin’s and Rinna’s store is, in fact, genuine, then I hope the authorities arrest the culprit and toss the thieves in jail for a long time. Then again, if the robbery was merely a ploy to gain publicity for the married stars and their upcoming reality show, I hope the starlet couple is thrown in jail for just as long as any would-be robber!

Adam Trotter / AVT

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big-Time ‘Criminal’ Lindsay Lohan to Go To Jail Again!!!! I Say: Let the Judge Pay The Costs of Incarcerating this Victimless Criminal!!

September 24th, 2010

Just about thirty minutes prior to the posting of this blog, a Los Angeles County Court Judge has remanded the big-time ‘criminal’ Lindsay Lohan into custody for failing a probation-mandated drug screening as ordered by the Court. Her probation was part of her previous Driving While Intoxicated arrest (DWI/DUI).

What is the matter with these idiots in the Court system? I mean…., the governments of our land have no money, anyhow. The jails are so over-crowded there is no room to house the real criminals, as the situation is currently. And, furthermore, the taxpayers pay for anyone that is incarcerated – which, apparently, has little bearing on any activities of our tax-supported officials, obviously.

Of course, Ms. Lohan has to obey the law and Court orders just as the rest of us. However, Ms. Lohan has hurt no one else with her self-destructive alcohol and drug experimentation. As such, she has committed no crime – regardless of what any prohibitionist will tell you. She is barely old enough to legally drink, anyhow. And, Americans as a society and a culture love to imbibe, so should this childhood star be any different? Is she being sent to jail because of her stardom or for violating the misdemeanor-related Court order?

But I suggest that if the Court system of Los Angeles County desires to send this hardened ‘criminal,’ Ms. Lohan, to jail…: LET THEM PAY FOR THE COST OF INCARCERATION OF MS. LOHAN OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS!!!! THE TAX-PAYERS BENEFIT NOTHING FROM SENDING THIS VICTIMLESS CRIMINAL TO JAIL!!!!

Adam Trotter / AVT

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prepare to Defend Yourself from the Thought Police.

September 2nd, 2010

Be prepared to defend yourself and your thoughts. I hear it on good authority - and the forward/advanced scouts seem to confirm - that the Thought Police are soon to launch a significant and offensive assault upon your freedom of thought. Be wary as this assault could be launched on any front, from any direction, from any electronic device, and from anyone who may or may not look the role of an oppressor of thought. Furthermore, should you succumb to this anticipated onslaught from the Thought Police, I hear an audit and review will be made of your prior thoughts as well. So, be prepared to defend yourself, your thoughts, and your freedom.


* Look for the upcoming expose concerning this matter in my planned second movie, should such ever come to fruition.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are Ghosts of Lost Civilizations Calling to Me?

August 7th, 2010

When I first learned and studied the disappearance of the Mayan civilization as a child (regardless of whether any such disappearance is still considered historically accurate), I became intrigued with the concept of lost or missing civilizations and lost peoples. Then, when I was older, I read the book “Fingerprints of the Gods,” by Graham Hancock, and learned of additional possible reasons why ancient civilizations could simply disappear. (See:

However, in recent times, I have visited places that were reported/known homes of lost civilizations and peoples. The places of these visits to territories of lost peoples have included the Pinto Basin of the Joshua Tree National Park, the Roanoke Island Colony of North Carolina, and the “Sinagua” Indian cliff dwellings of Montezuma Castle in Arizona (among other places).

During these visits - believe it or not and as strange as it may sound – I seem to receive some type of strange communication; as if these communications were emanating from beyond the known dimensions of our world. It would seem the ghosts or spirits of these ‘lost’ peoples are attempting to communicate with me to offer answers to the riddles of their disappearances. Most recently, I have received these callings or communications upon visiting the lost Roanoke Colony and the Montezuma Castle locations. (See: and

If you’re interested in what these communications seemed to suggest or would like to speak further about other lost civilizations, please contact me.


PS. Btw, it's not that I'm hearing voices. It's more like I'm being provided with illuminations on the subject. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Live and Let Live – Who is the Superior Being?

June 21st, 2010

I caught a fire-fly / lightning bug in my hand this evening. Undoubtedly being the superior being in the encounter and displaying my advanced level of emotional maturity …., the thought of squishing the insect and seeing all the florescent ooze glow on the asphalt never even entered my mind. Live and let live, I always say. :)


PS. It’s a joke, btw.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children Sailing Solo Around the World? Audition for a Reality Show?

June 14th, 2010

After being besieged with thirty-foot seas, a sixteen year old young woman from California was reported to have been rescued from her mastless forty-foot sailboat in the Indian Ocean - ending her failed attempt to sail around the world solo. Upon pondering the matter further, I was amazed at the arrogance and ignorance displayed by a family that would allow their children to undertake such a task (as her brother had completed the solo journey earlier in the year). I often have wondered what goes through the minds of parents that allow their under-age children to embark on adventures that challenge nearly every aspect of nature with death as a potential consequence. In my opinion, the parents of this child – to allow such an undertaking by their children - do not even seem fit to be guardians of any child.

The parents of this young woman surely have no true awareness of the powers of the seas. I have spent significant time at sea, or at least enough to surmise - in general - that anyone who sets off to sail the world solo in a small craft has some mental issues that should be addressed by a professional. So, to let a child embark on such a trip with no escort ships, really appears as reckless and ignorant – in my opinion.

In the end, however, it is being reported that the family is vying for a reality television show to be based on their family. Possibly this family would be best served by focusing their abundant energies on doing something to help others as opposed to undertakings that only appear generate publicity for the family’s own agenda.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Don’t get me wrong here, I respect the young female sailor’s misguided determination and courage and I have not personally met her or her family. However, I always thought the solo-sailing children had escort vessels alongside. Nope! What about the dangers involved with whatever unsavory types that might also be out there on the high seas looking to do harm to hapless individuals? Oh, well? Maybe in this family’s spare time, they like to go winter hiking during blizzards on Mount Hood, Oregon? Maybe someone could connect this sailing family with the balloon-boy family of Colorado? That might make for a good drama-filled reality show to have these two reckless families as neighbors?

If I were BP…, Escrow Accounts…., Following Exxon’s Lead…., and Leveraging U.S. Court System Biases.

As much as I hate to blog such, if I were British Petroleum (BP) and I were being asked to set up escrow accounts to cover clean up and lost wages damage claims from this recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I would tell the U.S. Federal Government that I planned to follow the lead of Exxon Corporation and its Valdez disaster. As such, I would set up no account, pay only for clean up, pay no damages until court ordered, and stall the matter in Federal Court for thirty years or so. After all, the U.S. Federal Court system only seems to be concerned for corporate interests and cares little for the well-being of the U.S. citizenry, as displayed by several decisions including the Supreme Court’s recent Exxon Valdez ruling wherein damages against Exxon were significantly reduced. In recent times, The Supreme Court seems to care little about ruined livelihoods of the U.S. populace, regardless of the name of the corporate-type wrong doer. So, why should BP care about any stewardship and any requested escrow account by the government? It is worth noting, however, that the only bias the U.S. Court system may display more consistently than a preference for corporate litigants is the unfettered bias for official U.S. government litigants.

Truthfully, however, if I were BP, I would do whatever I could to make the situation right and proper. I was merely making the point that Exxon paid as little as possible through the Valdez ordeal and the U.S. Federal Court System rewarded Exxon for its tactics. Also, even with my minimal litigation skills, I could easily make a sound argument that BP is not even liable for the damages to the U.S. mainland. So, the fact that BP seems willing to do the right thing, well….. this appears to be a good thing. And, to the affected states on the Gulf coast, as fellow Americans, we will not forsake you.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The U.S. Government Does ‘Nothing’ Better than Anyone Else.

June 9th, 2010

Of course, if one reads any of my several blogs, we would know that the US Federal government, in particular, appears to know how to do nearly nothing. What’s more, nothing is what it prefers to do. The typical government employee mindset appears as ‘do nothing, do nothing wrong.’ And, maybe such is best, because in keeping with their dysfunctional mindsets, if they were to do anything, they would likely do it wrong and make the matter worse.

Furthermore, at times, it would seem that our government looks to make the worst outcome from much of its actions or inaction. Like…, they must tell themselves…., how can we make this matter the worst it can possibly become?

As an example, one only needs to look at the recent oil spill / well leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. What does the Federal government appear to be doing about this disaster? Nothing, that’s what! Our U.S. Federal government appears to be leaving the matter in the hands of British Petroleum. But then again, nothing, is what the Federal government does best about anything, as I mentioned above. And long ago, the U.S. Federal government lost its ability to do anything. Choosing instead to give any amount of work to contractors while maintaining the government’s bloated rolls, nevertheless. Obviously, BP is essentially drowning in its own oil, at this point. They need some amount of help from someone that is not afraid to help. (I would be willing to help, btw.)

In the end, the modern US Federal government typically appears to do nothing about anything that would benefit the populace. Now-a-days, we have a government that knows nothing but to pass the matter to private contractors who ultimately care only about profits, anyhow. And trust me, I know this synopsis to be so from first hand knowledge of how the bureaucracy of the US Federal government system operates.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Trinity Sunday, What Does It Mean?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

On Trinity Sunday, I wonder, what does ‘The Trinity’ really mean? (Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – for anyone that may not know.) With any offered answer, be careful of heresy/becoming a heretic.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Give ‘em hell girl!!! I support you!

May 25th, 2010

Hey Lindsay Lohan, give those fascists hell girl!! They have no right to tell you what you have to do about anything. You never caused anyone any damage or injury with your partying or driving have you? If not, they have no right to tell you what you can or can’t do. If no one was damaged or injured, then you have not violated any laws!! I soon plan to file suit against a state department of motor vehicles in an effort to prove this point! If you are interested, you could show some support for my planned legal undertakings to the end effect that driving should be a right, not a privilege. Call me! :)

... / AVT

PS. But button up your shirt further when sitting in front of the old, over-the-hill, supporters of fascism who sit in judgment of your preferred method and substantive right of pursuing your happiness – best to look meek and conservative in front of those old-folks who will judge whether or not you should be allowed to pursue your happiness in freedom.

LAUSD: How Many Likely Communist/Socialist Revolutionaries Are Teaching Kids In Your Schools At Tax-Payer Expense?

May 25th, 2010

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD),
I recently watched the videos of a teacher reported to be from your school district’s Santee High School, Mr. Gochez. As I’m sure you are aware, in these videos he calls for all forty million Latin-American immigrants - and descendants thereof - in the United States to rise-up and support a revolution against a system that has supported ‘capitalism and imperialism.’ In one of the videos he claims that he is not a racist and is not lodging threats against the American government. However, not only does he sound racist, he seems quite scary and his seeming indifference as to whether any impending/on-going ‘revolution’ by immigrants would be violent - or not - seems to threaten many. As the man is a self-professed socialist with obvious communistic leanings, I was just wondering, is this individual still influencing young minds at the expense of our tax-dollars in your schools? As a professed socialist with his communist leanings, is it really appropriate to be having this individual teaching world history to the youth of our nation?

LAUSD, I’m curious, do you also support his views and do you have many teachers of similar thought in your District? As this seemingly racist and potentially violent and communistic individual, Mr. Gochez, was quite proud of a former student echoing his thoughts for a Hispanic/Latino revolution in the YouTube video (though the student was not heard), and if his claims are true that no parents in his school region have complained of his views, should the rest of the nation be anticipating more potentially-violent communist revolutionaries to come from your school system? With his and his former student’s cries for a revolution, such seems to allude to some futuristic science-fiction movie whereby future civil-war conflicts will be based in your city. I mean…, if he were teaching a college course professing the blessings of Marxist Communism or hard-core socialism, well…whatever. But we are talking high school students here, right? Most of the kids in high school really know no better than what they are told. And, contrary to Mr. Gochez’s claim during the Fox News interview, he is surely influencing the young minds of his high school with his misguided views.

LAUSD, please let me know your thoughts on this matter and whether this teacher’s views are generally shared by your school system and being supported by our tax-dollars, if you would be so kind.
Thank you,

L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

Web Exclusive: Defending Revolution Against 'Racist White People', May 16th, 2010.

PS. For whatever such is worth: While I may be in agreement with your Mr. Gochez that many of the dysfunctional governments of Latin America are in desperate need of significant change, however I wonder, why doesn’t he go there to scream ‘revolution’ at those governments? Instead, he prefers to threaten the system that has provided for his right to scream for revolution here in the U.S. (or rather, here in ‘occupied Mexico,’ as he prefers to call it). Furthermore, I would tend to agree that the middle class in America has long been under attack and drastic action may yet need to be taken to address this issue. I also agree that the U.S. Government is likely in apparent desperate need for change. However, while I’m not the expert on all forms of governments, I would never agree that any hard-core socialistic or Marxist communistic government would be of benefit to anyone. To even suggest that Marxist Communism would be an improvement in the United States seems to reflect an ignorant viewpoint and the only individual that would possibly believe such ignorance would be one that was ignorant – such as an impressionable child that has never partaken in any capitalistic system. Any history that Mr. Gochez may teach to children would seem to have clearly shown that Marxist communism can not meet the needs of a large modern nation. Furthermore, while hard-core socialism may well be needed in much of Latin America to counteract the widespread corruption and extreme division of class in those regions, to suggest it is needed here in the United States seems also very misguided. As such, in my opinion, either your teacher, Mr. Gochez, is in psychological denial or he is really stupid. Therefore, I wonder about your choice of employed teachers, the motivations of your school system, and your use of our tax dollars as well.

Fox News
California Teachers Association
My blog:

99 Red Balloons / Leuf Balloons!!! Very cool remake!!

May 25th, 2010

For those of us that enjoyed this cool song of the 1980’s and enjoy hearing it on the radio – even though such a playing was/is an extremely rare occurrence, in deed - I say this remake and it's playing on the radio was/is long overdue, as was/is this blog entry. (I mean..., the remake is from about Y2K.) Hopefully, the radio stations might play it again/some more. The song is pretty cool and the remake contains both German and English (as opposed two different original versions, one in each language).

But, of course, many of the radio stations of our land often seem to have no clue concerning what people would like to hear most of the time, apparently. The stations prefer to take advantage of their limited monopolies, play whatever lame music that is cheap and they prefer to play, and only really seem to care about selling advertising time and typically seem to care nothing about the integrity of the music played on the airwaves of their radio stations. (Sorry about the rant.)


PS. Think the Feds would allow me to open a radio station that would play better music than most? :)

See it for yourself:
99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

Note: Feb. 7th, 2014.  I guess Goldfinger is big now (or bigger maybe) and with VEVO so you have to watch the video here:

Dig the original too:
99 Red Balloons - Nena

Another Note: Feb. 7th, 2014.  It is worth mentioning that the concerns relayed in the "99 Red Balloons" song were real for those of us that lived during the 1970s as well as probably any decade prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall - especially for the children who could not understand what it all meant. We were always fearful and we were told that at nearly any moment the Soviets likely were going to roll their tanks into West Germany in an effort to "communize" the West.

Also, I should mention in this after-thought, that it seems to me that commercial radio in much of the nation has improved, maybe significantly so since my original blog entry/rant above.  Sometimes I voice my assessment of the entertainment quality of regional radio in my road-trip blog; located at:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Radio and Music Videos

April 11th, 2010

Has the music scene now come full circle from the first days of MTV (Music Television) Network in the mid-1980's? MTV’s first video was the song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star.’ Since the owners of MTV, Viacom, seemingly does not care to air many music videos anymore, can we now say: radio has killed the video star? Have we now com full circle with the video stars nearly a thing of the past concerning the music industry?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Has American Idol Shot-Its-Wad?

March 23rd, 2010

Has American Idol television singing competition done shot-its-wad? It’s as if…, the whole competition was started to find a new Janis Joplin. Well…., it appears the competition may have found its new Janis Joplin in the contestant Crystal Bowersox. If this all be true, where can the competition go from here? Nowhere? Downhill? Maybe find another Janis Joplin in another ten years? Looks like the show has done shot-its-wad! This seems especially so, when one considers all the disruption concerning judging personalities. We’re looking forward to the end of this season, but: Thanks for the fun Idol. We’ll remember you fondly (at least for a few years until our collective ADHD kicks in anyhow). :)


PS. The kind’a funny thing about it all was that Bowersox had the gumption to sing the money song, ‘Bobby McGee,’ on money night – when the contest goes from eleven contestants to the final ten who have then finished ‘in the money’ from that point forward.

PSS. “…freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose….” & “…I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday…” Fantastic!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

March 22nd, 2010

The time has come to stop the senseless and wanton violence that plagues our nation and purveys our society at nearly every level. I say stop it by whatever means necessary! I find violence to be sickening. However, even if it takes more violence to eliminate the violent attackers from our streets and from our midst, well..., lets do it now and get it all over with quickly!

It appears that the governments of our land are as ineffectual at stopping this violence as they are at nearly every other endeavor they pursue. Since the governments don’t seem to be interested in my common sense suggestions as to where to begin to eradicate the violence from our society (a common-sense approach that involves no weapons other than open-minds), then it appears it's time for the people to act to remove the would-be violent attackers and violent creeps ourselves.

As such, if there is only one distasteful way to stop this violence, then I say lets make a coordinated effort to rid this evil from our land. And, I say we start sooner rather than later! Again, to be sure, I detest any violence. But, just like in the days of the wild-wild-west, I say let the good people weed-out the evil ones from our lands. Furthermore, I don’t mean to sound half-crazed or out of control with these words. However, the time for action to get these violent attackers off our streets has arrived! Once and for all!

Let’s just say: gun control is not the likely answer!! Hardly! Would the Long Island Railroad shootings of a decade or two ago ever have taken place if the others on that train could have legally and adequately defended themselves? No! It would not! At least not to the level that the shootings progressed. But alas, all the victims on that train were defenseless law-abiding citizens; just as the killer anticipated.

Even college-professor creeps are killing innocent victims in university offices! How long are we to stand by and watch our fellow citizens attacked for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and within striking distance of some violent crazed creep of whom no one ever had any warning of the said creep’s violent potential???!!?? I suggest we stand idly by no longer!

Sorry if these words shock you. However, if these words shock you, maybe its time you wake up and see reality for what it has become and come down off your idealized horse. Unfortunately, violent creeps only understand one thing, such being strength to defend oneself from violent attacks. I am willing to debate anyone that wishes to debate on this subject. However, the time for talking appears to have passed. Its time for the citizenry to defend themselves!


PS. Oh yea, should I mention the one from a few days ago about the middle school girl (14 – ish) in Florida nearly being beaten to death by a violent creep young male (15 – ish) because she had replied to his text in a manner he did not appreciate? Don’t ever let that creep of a young man walk amongst the populace again! Please?

Friday, March 5, 2010

UC and CSU Students Protest Education Budget Cuts.

March 4th, 2010

The television news in Los Angeles today showed many images of students on various California college campuses protesting the reduction of statewide education budgets. To begin with, I say more power to the students.

However, some of us that have been around a little longer than the average college student unfortunately realized long ago that the power structure in our nation seems to have little real interest in feasible higher education being made available to the populace. [Also see: .] If a student does not have the money for college or is unable to find a source for the necessary funds, then the student is typically given the opportunity to sign away the near-term future of their life by assuming the significant debt of student loans to pay for their college education – loans with a payback time of five to twenty years.

With some exceptions, this financial dilemma seems to garnish only minimal sympathy from the universities and colleges of our land – non-profit entities that often seem to have the ultimate goal of gathering as much revenue as possible to buffer their endowments and typically amassing the revenues with such deftness and ability that would warm the heart of the most ruthless of corporations. It’s also quite clear the cost of education in the United States does not subscribe to any economic norms as the promise of education naturally seems to prey and play on the hopes and dreams of the students and their families.

The schools [with some exceptions] seem to have little sympathy for the plight of the students because, short of domestic students acquiring the necessary funds for college, it’s evident that most universities seem to prefer foreign students to domestic students anyhow. The students of foreign nationalities apparently have money to pay for their schooling and don’t complain or make noise about anything – obviously unlike many American students, as attested to by today’s student protests regardless of any justification. Furthermore, when it comes to graduate studies, the nation’s university professors overtly seem to prefer the students of foreign nationalities as the foreigners typically have no life outside of school and therefore are willing to essentially work as slaves to the whims of the tenured graduate advisors – that is, to work all the time and expect no real pay for their slave-like graduate research efforts that inexpensively support the tenured advisor’s research efforts as well.

Your thoughts and comments on the issues and opinions herein are welcome.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fuck the Stupid Drug War; Let’s Start a War on Violent Creeps!!!

March 3rd, 2010

FUCK THE STUPID DRUG WAR! Let all the non-violent and victimless criminals out of the jails. This would be ok to save money for the states, in my opinion, yes. Take the crime out of the drug trade and do away with the crime. With some of the money saved from tossing in the towel on the fruitless drug war WE CAN:

START AN ALL-OUT WAR ON THE VIOLENT CREEPS AMONG US – SUCH AS THE KILLER OF CHELSEA KING OF POWAY, CALIFORNIA!! By violent creeps, to be clear, I mean those that would inflict violence on any innocent and unsuspecting others – against innocents who have trespassed against no one to warrant any focus of undue harmful intentions.

Just as with the wild-wild-west of yesteryear, THE GOOD PEOPLE WILL WEED OUT THE BAD PEOPLE! The begetting of violence would seem justified if, in the end, such creeps are eradicated from our world. Such an end would only be a matter of time.

PS. Did I hear the US Supreme Court is going to rule on the right to bear arms?

PSS. To the family of Ms. King and people of Poway, please forgive my utilization of her name as a rallying cry. I don’t mean to appear as insensitive. Ms. King would seem as a martyr resulting from the many absurdities of our times. May she rest in peace.

Should We Execute Violent Sex Offenders Regardless of the Degree of Murder? Body of Missing Female High School Student is Recovered

Revised March 3rd, 2010

The missing young woman, Chelsea King, from Poway High School had been missing for the majority of the last week. Last night it was been widely reported that a body was found in a nearby waterway where she was last known to have gone jogging. The body is apparently that of Chelsea King - another senseless tragedy and victim of our times. May she rest in peace.

A suspect has been arrested who is no stranger to the authorities in this arena. Let’s hope the authorities have arrested the correct creep who would commit such a senseless and heinous crime so that we may spare other families and innocent victims of our nation from any similarly horrific fate.

But…, let’s face it, if the existing legal system and power structure can not put an end to this type of hideous crime, then something needs to change! Of late, unfortunately, these types of crimes seem to be escalating and to be more frequent than years past. Maybe the time is at hand to begin to show the creeps running loose in our society the error of their ways! And, to be clear, I’m not speaking of those involved in heated, impassioned domestic squabbles either. I blog herein of creeps who randomly and haphazardly assault others for no other reason than the victim being in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the vicinity of a creep who should not be on this earth. As these creeps so often seem to be beyond rehabilitation, society apparently needs to start to take some type of drastic action to protect our women and children (and any unnamed victims) from these violent losers – such as the murderer of Chelsea King of Poway, California.

In response to this crime and many similar ones throughout our land, I blog: if the authorities can not guarantee that potentially violent sexual offenders will not be released onto the unsuspecting public at large, then maybe we should just execute any violent sexual offenders. Maybe any executions of violent sex offenders should be a public event as well. If executing such a violent sex offender is another form of murder, well…, then I would ask God to have mercy on us for our attempts to defend additional innocent victims from these predators. In general, I have always believed the wisdom of the founding fathers in that it is ‘better that a hundred guilty men go free rather than one innocent man go to the gallows.’ However, violent sex offenders seem to push this cliché and belief beyond its bounds and generalities.

PS. If the power structure as it currently exists in our nation can not help to protect the innocent of our nation, then maybe we should arm those innocents with defensive weapons in keeping with their level of ability; meaning to arm them with weapons ranging from pepper spray to stun-guns, to derringer pistols!!!

PSS. This matter has ‘rocked’ more than San Diego, btw.

Family Pit-Bull Dog Mauls Face of Four Year Old Child – Pomona, California

March 2nd, 2010

As reported tonight on KCAL 9, an unlicensed, unvaccinated family pit-bull dog mauled the family’s four year old daughter today in Pamona. It is assumed that the child may have surprised and disturbed the dog while it was sleeping. This type of thing happens repeatedly with this type of dog, apparently.

How long is society going to allow children to defenselessly cohabitate with this type of animal? Obviously the adults in these types of houses rarely seem to be aware of any potential danger of having a dim-witted, potentially violent dog in such close proximity of children. Personally, I believe that dogs reflect the temperament and mental capacity of the dog’s owner. However, defenseless children have no say in the matter of the family dog or the ignorance of any adults in the house. Regarding this particular incident, the authorities are reportedly awaiting the family’s decision as to whether the family wants the dog returned. I mean…., say what…?

I pass along my sympathies and well wishes for a speedy recovery for the child.

Also see:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey American Idol, Why You Dump Contestant Shelby Dressel?

February 17th, 2010

Last night the talent reality show "American Idol" eliminated the contestant Ms. Shelby Dressel from the competition as part of the competition’s customary contestant reduction enroute to an ultimate winner of the competition. Worthy of note, however, controversial talent judge Simon Cowell voiced his displeasure with the release of Ms. Dressel. While being an attractive young woman, apparently, Ms. Dressel was born with some type of facial disfigurement disability condition; most of which she has either outgrown or overcome (please don’t quote me on any of these specifics, ‘cause I don’t really know them for sure). But anyway, I blog to say that I disagree with the release of Ms. Dressel and her elimination was likely a huge mistake for the Idol competition – for whatever my opinion is worth.

Given the history of her condition, to rise to the level of being a qualifying contestant on American Idol, Ms. Dressel has shown a strength of character that seems to be somewhat lacking on our modern society. To overcome such a disability and to have to contend with such as a child, must have been difficult and trying throughout her life as well. I am aware that the American Idol competition is not about judging the contestant singers on strength of character alone, of course. But such a factor should have been given more weight in her judging, certainly at these early stages of the competition anyhow – again, in my opinion. With the exception of Judge Simon Cowell, the decision makers of American Idol should have reconsidered the elimination of Ms. Dressel.

To be clear, I am confident that Ms. Dressel asked for no pity or consideration of her condition with regards to the judging of her singing ability. I’m sure no pity was warranted either. However, though maybe not the ultimate best singer in the competition, Ms. Dressel could easily be a star as a result of her talent and compounded/strengthened by the fact that she has essentially overcome such a visible aesthetic handicap (as some of the condition still visibly exists). Furthermore, she could easily pose as a role model for others similarly afflicted. And, she had enough singing talent to justify her remaining in the competition as well as the necessary potential for growth and maturation of talent too.

In light of the draw in numbers of viewers the Idol competition pulls from the American public and revenues resulting from such as well, Idol was in a unique social position to effect a worthwhile and constructive change concerning the attitudes of Americans towards those with disabilities. But as has been recently shown time and time again, corporate-type America has little or no sympathy for those afflicted with any physical impairment regardless of any laws concerning such – and the court systems of our nation no longer seem to care to enforce disability laws either. (Such a disregard by the court system is especially so depending on who is ignoring the laws, like say in the case of any Federal employer or the likes.) Along this line of thought, Idol also seems to give little credence to the plight of those that suffer from physical ailments. Such a disregard of the difficulties overcome by those with disabilities was quite apparent in American Idol’s decision to eliminate Ms. Dressel.

Anyway, American Idol really ‘missed the boat’ with the release of Ms. Shelby Dressel, in my opinion. Idol could have made a significant impact in helping the disabled of our nation by recognizing the difficulties associated with disabilities. However, Idol chose to ignore the realities of the situation by attempting to turn an impartial blind eye to the special circumstances of the matter. To allow Ms. Dressel’s continuation in the competition would have caused American Idol no hardship. To be sure, Ms. Dressel’s continued presence in the competition could have brought further worthwhile attention to the plight of those that continually suffer with disabilities.

Either way, should she ever read these words, I personally would like to thank Ms. Dressel for having the courage, strength of character, and talent to come forward in this nationally televised singing competition. At a minimum, as a result of her obvious leadership strengths, others similarly afflicted may garnish the necessary fortitude to follow and overcome their difficulties as well. Kudos and best wishes to you, Ms. Dressel.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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Hey Fox News, Are You Merely a Muck-Raker?

February 17th, 2010 

Hey Fox News, are you merely a modern muck-raking entity like the other news networks? Are you merely a sensationalist news organization like so many of the other news entities these days? Do you only hope to further the Republican agenda and bash the Democrats? 

Don’t get me wrong, I like your network and I think there is a definite need for a right-wing based news network, particularly in light of the long-standing liberal ass-kissers that is most of the other news organizations in the United States. But, I mean, why did you not make as much noise when President G.W. Bush and his buddies in Congress (with strong bipartisan support) gave a trillion dollars or two to the banker friends of the U.S. government? 

 Did those actions display any difference between Republicans and Democrats on a national venue? Why do you seem to still skirt the real issues that appear to be going on in our seemingly inept and nearly corrupt U.S. Federal Government, court systems, and banking institutions such as the Federal Reserve? None of these entities appear to genuinely care for the well being of the nation’s populace – and on a national level there appears to be no real difference between the two parties and time and time again both parties show no policy regime change at the Federal Reserve System, thereby clearly showing that both parties have the same agenda in regards to fiscal policy. And in general, therefore, neither does Fox News seem to really care for the nation’s well being either. 

 You only seem to care for the proliferation of the apparent criminals that label themselves as Republicans and to keep television watchers tuned to your network. Most of these modern national Republicans appear as criminals that also only care for their own well being and call themselves Republicans to garner support from individuals like myself that hopefully only listen to news like Fox News that does not display the criminal nature of these politicians so long as they label themselves as Republican. 

I realize your network tries more than most to show the opinions of both sides of the aisle, but why don’t you bring on real individuals to speak in this regard as opposed to merely highlighting individuals that personally kissed President George W. Bush’s ass like much of your on-air expert-type talent? I look forward to your response to the issues herein. 

Adam Trotter / AVT 

PS. Among others, please see: 

Follow-on note (September 10, 2022): In reality and modernly, it seems Fox News is one of the few media sources/outlets that does allow opposing views to be expressed on its network.


Monday, February 1, 2010

High Speed Vehicle Police Pursuits, Public Safety and the Use of Excessive Police Force

February 1st, 2010

In response to never-ending incidents of high-speed vehicle police pursuits that provide a generous supply of entertaining television broadcasts for the local Los Angeles television news shows, I would like to suggest or request the following for the local police regarding the handling of these incidents. As one that believes high-speed police pursuits on any city streets are to be avoided and who also believes that excessive police force is an abomination to our society, in the case of high-speed police pursuits wherein the fleeing scofflaw endangers the lives and well-being of untold numbers of other innocent citizens/civilians, I would suggest an exemption to these normal rules and request that the apprehending police officer ‘knock’ some sense into the idiot scofflaw driver that is the subject of the pursuit. I would go even further to suggest that the police ‘pound’ on the lawless jerk with the television cameras watching for all to see. I don’t really care if the loser driver is trying to avoid arrest. But when the scofflaw driver cares nothing about the safety of the rest of us and endangers multitudes of innocent lives by traveling at extremely excessive speeds, travels the wrong direction on streets also at excessive speeds, and even drives on sidewalks at high speeds, then that self-centered and ignorant jerk seems to need some sense beat into him/her. Also, please ensure that the scofflaw gets none of our tax dollars when he sues for having gotten what he had coming to him as a result of his self-centered and dangerous actions.


Pack of Pit Bulls Attack Group of Children

February 1st, 2010

As reported on Los Angeles Television Channel 2 News this evening, four pit bulls attacked a group of three children today in Fontana, California. No doubt, sounds like a pleasant type of dog to own for a family pet (sarcasm).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Year Old Child Killed by family Pit-Bull Dog, Apple Valley California

Monday, January 11, 2010

It is being reported on the local Los Angeles news today that a family in Apple Valley, California had a three year old sun mauled and killed by the family pit-bull pet dog this past Saturday. It was reported that the father of the poor child apparently went inside the house for a moment and left the child alone in the company of the pit-bull dog. Responding paramedics were prevented from approaching the dying child by the crazed dog. Sheriff’s deputies apparently had to kill the enraged dog to retrieve the child’s lifeless body.

Obviously, this is a horrific situation and a terrible loss for the family. I pass along my sympathies to the family and apologize for blogging regarding this next point: Anyone that leaves a pit-bull dog in the vicinity of a lone and very young children should have those children taken from them for knowingly endangering a child – this is especially so if the dog became a family member prior to the child entering the family.

I know…, everyone says “no, no…, not my pit-bull, it’s different. … My pit-bull is very friendly and would never hurt anyone.” I’m sure nearly every pit-bull owner that has had its dog attack an innocent individual has probably said those same words. Those pit-bull owners have certainly never seen their dogs through the eyes of an individual that has any fear of dogs or through the eyes of an individual that is unable to defend themselves against a dog such as a pit-bull. Clearly, pit-bulls dogs don’t have the mental capacity to ignore any sensed fear and instead are provoked to attack any being that fears the dog.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why any anyone would ever want a dog such as these pit-bulls that have the never-ending potential to viciously turn on any family member, friend, passer-by, or – heaven forbid - even attack the family child. Barring the need to protect a junk yard [or the likes] or other commercial use for the potentially vicious dogs, what type of individual needs that type of dog? My apologies if this blog offends you, but its time for society to address this issue such that this type of situation and senseless, tragic death never occurs again. All this in spite of the fact that I really like dogs and I have strong libertarian leanings as well, too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“No-Fly List,” Safeguard or Political Weapon?

January 5th, 2010

Concerning the news reports from a couple of days ago that spoke of the addition of 50,000 new names to the national U.S. “No-Fly List,” if these names are added as a result of real terrorism concerns, then those additions are likely to be justified. Personally, I would go so far as to suggest that if any individual was from a region that is a likely enemy of our state in this war on terror, then don’t let any person from that region fly on airliners from our nation. Even the slightest association with any group that would be complacent towards the mass killing of innocent civilians is reason enough to deny any individual anything above the necessities for life – in my opinion.

However, if these new names to the list include any Americans that were added merely because they utilized their rights to free speech and, as such, have upset some ‘fat-cat’ or bureaucrat, then I would suggest that we send these “No-Fly List” cognizant bureaucrats on their way out of office and send any bureaucrat remotely responsible for such an erroneous listing on their way to the unemployment office as well. In particular, if any individual added to the list is an American whose name has been added for pursuing their legal rights in a Court of Law in our nation - say for suing a bureaucrat or Agency that acted illegally - and such a suit upset the bureaucrats who in turn added the individual’s name to the “No-Fly” list in retribution, then the time may be at hand for legal action by those of us Americans that truly care about our substantive rights as guaranteed by our birthright and are offended by abuse of authority by our bureaucrats.

Are we as tax-paying Americans not entitled to know who adds the names to the list, who are those added to the list, and for what reason is anyone added to the list? Or, is the whole thing totally arbitrary and subjective and nothing more than defamation? I ask because we are all aware that our governments seem to have a difficult time trying to achieve any productive results in any effective manner.

I mean, I’m just saying…..