Thursday, August 13, 2015

not gay

maybe i should have been more clear when i explained to my fellow student after he asked me if i had been saying that i was gay: no, i was not saying that i was gay (because i’m not); what i was saying was that the only way i would have gotten admitted to that other school from which the other student declined admittance would probably have been for me to lie and tell that other school that i was gay and thereby possibly qualify myself for some new-type of politically-correct diversity quota or admissions category.  be that quota right or wrong is not necessarily the point of this blog entry.  

maybe i should have also been more clear when i spoke to yet another fellow student on what to do if a third-party association/organization subsequently denied one’s opportunity to take any exam to gain membership to that entity because of any denial that was based on perceived ‘unsound moral character’ of that other student due to the possibility that one had forgotten to previously mention being cited for less-than-misdemeanor infractions of civil codes such as parking tickets and speeding tickets or the like.  what i meant was for any denial, the one denied on those grounds/circumstance that they should sue that third-party entity, not for anyone to sue the school, of course. 

then again, maybe i should just shut-up and stifle myself more-often and not speak-out on things of that nature at all.  maybe anyhow, huh?  maybe i’m merely like many others in that i also just like to hear myself speak and for others to listen?

or, maybe i just clocked a few-too-many miles on the freeways tonight - at fairly high-rates of speed, i might add - and i'm probably not thinking clearly at all.

Adam Trotter
August, 2015.

PS.  maybe not politically-correct either.