Friday, May 25, 2012

Morning T.V. Has Become Kind’a Lame! Where are Regis, Bob B., and Monte Hall When We Need Them?

May 25th, 2012

Weekday morning television has become kind’a lame!  Where is Regis Philbin, Bob Barker, and Monte Hall when we need them?  I mean, I don’t particularly dislike their replacements, but those morning shows are sort of boring without them – or at least seem to be lacking something without them, to say the least.  


Overall:  ‘Boo’/’two thumbs down’ to the current state of morning television!


After thought, January 2013:
The morning shows mentioned above have become mere frustrations of what these shows may have once been.  These shows have degenerated to the point where I can no longer watch them even when I have the time to do so.  “Live with Kelly and Michael” seems to lack a host with character, at least when compared to Regis Philbin.  “Let’s Make a Deal” has nothing to do with deal making; it should be called “Let’s Try Your Luck.”  Maybe in the old days that show had nothing to do deal making skills either, but it was more interesting as the host made it so, apparently.  The “Price is Right” now appears as a show with a condescending host who ridicules the prizes and the games and the show now seems to have no message other than to promote the never-ending Hollywood agenda.